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Division III basketball isn't so bad

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Coe-Simpson womens basketball game at Maury Eby fieldhouse on the Coe campus. The game itself was a big deal, as it was the Championship game for the Iowa Conference. Here are a few random thoughts about basketball at a lower level.

Sometimes when we get a chance to see a sport played at a smaller division school, we are reminded of what it is really all about. Fun and the love of the game. The players aren't as good at what you would see in a Big Ten or Big Twelve program, but the will play every bit as hard. They dive after loose balls, and scrap for rebounds. They get excited when the win, and cry when they lose. Actually since this was a womens game, both teams cried after the game.

The game itself was exciting, as Coe won 59-56. The fans on both sides, were very loud in their support throughtout the game. Simpson brought a large contingent of fans, and their pep band. It was surprising to see that many people would make the 100 mile or so journey from Indianola to CR on a nasty winter day. But they did.

The Coe students had an organized 'cheering area' that was kind of cool. They were creative in their yelling and chants, actually bringing a smile from time to time.

Evy Fieldhouse really is a gem. It is a pretty little facility that seats maybe 2500 people. And, as I said earlier, it can get loud. I have grown up in this town, and I will say that Saturday was the first time I have ever been inside of the place. That will change.

My only complaint? No hotdogs at the concession stand. Of course that may not be a bad thing. Have you ever eaten a hot dog at the Carver? But they did have candy and popcorn, so it wasn't all lost.

But all in all, it was a great experience, and I had no regrets being there on a Saturday afternoon.

The Kohawk women will host Minnesota-Morris in the first round of the NCAA Division III tournament on Friday night.


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