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DIVISION 2010: The results are in

A nation (deeply) divided.  Are we as Americans eternally destined to travel this road?
A nation (deeply) divided. Are we as Americans eternally destined to travel this road?

     With one or two contests still up in the air, the 2010 Mid-term elections are essentially over, with President Obama humbly acknowledging and accepting the defeat for the Democratic Party.

Anytime a sitting president admits a loss, it is not only a loss for him or his political party – it is a loss for us as Americans.

When President Obama conceded to losing, he was telling us that what he (we) tried to do for this country did not work. He was telling us in the overall scheme of things that we have failed to make the progress that is characteristic of what America truly stands for – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

With all of the money spent on campaigning, parties and victory speeches, the 2010 Mid-term elections looked less like a process of progress and more like a celebration of our division.

Now the “balance of power” has shifted in Congress (whatever that means), and the agenda for our newly elected politicians is to insure that President Obama is not re-elected to a second term in 2012.

As Americans, it is almost as if we are proud of the fact that we cannot find a way to stand side by side with one another on common ground and sincerely work together to solve our nation’s problems.

We are not working together at any level, only managing to (briefly) come together during times of disaster such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the BP gulf oil spill. The sad thing about us coming together during these catastrophes is that today we still stand divided on who is responsible for the severity of the disasters and to whom compensation should be paid to for the losses incurred.

At present, American culture is being defined by its division, and if we choose to resign ourselves to continuing down this divided path, the generations of Americans that are to follow in our footsteps will know nothing else during their lifetimes but division – and of course, if division is all they know, what do you think they will pass on to the generation(s) behind them?

Our efforts to eliminate the veins of division that carry the fluid of disharmony and separation throughout the body of our nation need to be more conscientious – taking into account that we could never realize our full potential as Americans if we do not recognize what we are doing to ourselves and react accordingly.

The heart of our nation is Washington D.C.: if we continue to neglect or fail to manage the health of our heart, it will soon cease to function.

Realizing our full potential as Americans involves us having the ability to develop viable remedies for our sagging economy, high unemployment rates, health care costs, immigration reform and homelessness (just to name a few).

These issues have consistently obstructed the efficient management of our government since the founding of this nation.

The spirit of the 2010 Mid-term elections was distasteful to say the least, so none of us should be caught by surprised if the next two years before the 2012 election are marred with finger pointing and fighting –void of any substantial progress or promise.

Our journey down this road of division is taking us nowhere at a “light-speed” pace. The highway of unity is only one lane over…all we have to do is make the decision and merge.



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