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Have you bought into the modern cliche, "I'm only human"?

If humans have human "offspring" what kind of Offspring does God have?

"WE ARE also HIS (God's) OFFSPRING" according to the New Testament book of Acts. (Acts 17:28)

The Greek word translated "offspring" is the word "genos" derived from the word "ginomai" from which we get our modern word "genome". More than just a human genome, this Divine Genome is the very fabric of Our Being and may be evidence of a greater evolutionary apotheosis which is dormant in our DNA (Divine Nature Appearing). One can only conclude that, despite all appearances to the contrary, we are MORE than merely human.

So, why do many fundamentalists and religionists resist the idea that the very Essence of Who We Are IS Divine?

Jesus referred to 'ordinary' men saying, "You ARE Gods (Elohim)," quoting the Book of Psalms (82:6). Interestingly enough, the Hebrew word ELOHIM in the Old Testament is the plural form of God (EL), but is translated as a singular noun in the majority of instances denoting both the plurality and the ONENESS of GOD.

Many would have us believe that the plurality of expression revealed by this One God is limited to their concept of a Trinity, but when we understand that "All things come from Him, exist through Him and ultimately consummate in Him," a greater realization dawns that God MUST BE Infinity.

Jesus said, that you will be "ONE with Me EVEN AS I Am ONE with the Father," and the New Testament further confirms that "AS HE IS, SO ARE WE in this world."

The Apostle Paul said, "Let THIS MIND BE IN YOU" .....which considers it "NOT robbery to be EQUAL WITH GOD."

Despite these, and many other similar references, much of religion still joins the Pharisees of old in their rejection of Jesus' claim that what was true for him is equally true for us. (i.e. "Greater works than these shall YOU DO").

Humanity is now slowly waking up from centuries of oppressive indoctrination which claims that we are nothing more than "hopeless sinners" saved by grace, and condemned to a perpetual cycle of bondage to fear, and at the mercy of our sensory perception.

The realization that we are "partakers of the Divine Nature," and that we collectively make up the very plurality of God, is empowering humanity to rise above the mortal constraints of a limited existence to experience the boundlessness of the Infinite.

There is an ancient story about a spiritual seeker who asked an Avatar, "Are you God?"

The Avatar responded by saying, "Yes, and so are you. The only difference is, I know it, but you doubt it."

It is indeed a classic oxymoron of religion to think that we can experientially walk in the Reality of our Divine Nature while continually confessing that we are sinners. It is equally as self-deceptive to believe that we can qualitatively 'Be God' or demonstrate the Divine Nature separate and apart from our Source. There is a balance in the realization of "letting this mind BE IN YOU," which both recognizes that it is "not robbery to be equal with God," and yet, does not equate that reality with the ego (human or mortal sense of self), but is willing to allow all egoic identification to be "made of no reputation" for the sake of the Whole.

The Paradox is that we ALL already share One Consciousness, (i.e. the head of EVERY MAN IS CHRIST- Spirit) although not everyone is walking in a Present Awareness of that Reality within their individual experience. In the Advaita Vedanta, this is called the Knowledge (Vidya) and the Ignorance (Avidya). Accordingly, Avidya is considered the illusion of the Many, or the relative perception of duality and separation present in Nature, and independent from an Awareness of the One Consciousness (Brahman) underlying all form.

Someone who is Awakened to this Reality has realized their own True Self AS ONE with the Absolute and according to the Upanishads is Infinite Being, because infinity flows through the realization that "I AM THAT."

"The infinite proceeds from infinite. If you subtract the infinite from the infinite, the infinite remains." -Isha Upanishad

Ultimately the Consciousness of God IS the consciousness of humanity individualized. No one can be separate from the Mind of God/Spirit anymore then they can be separate from Life Itself, "For IN Him we LIVE and MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING." This proverbial "treasure in earthen vessels" simply 'appears' to be buried deeper for some than it is for others.

Those who are operating at higher frequencies of Consciousness, such as, Unconditional Love (Loving your neighbor AS yourSELF) are helping to remove " the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations." until the "glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea." (Isa.11:9, 25:7, 60:2; Hab 2:14)

In other words, they (we) are helping to free everyone from the bondage of 'conditioned thinking' and to 'unplug from the Matrix of Illusion' in order to come into the realization of our True Identity.

"If one cannot become free of the old conditioned structures of human consciousness, then one is still in a prison. The awakening of an intelligence not born of the mind but of an Inner Silence of Mind, which alone has the ability to uproot all of the old structures of one’s consciousness. Unless these structures are uprooted, there will be no creative thought, action, or response. Unless there is an inner revolution, nothing new and fresh can flower. Only the old, the repetitious, the conditioned will flower in the absence of this revolution. But our potential lies beyond the known, beyond the structures of the past, beyond anything that humanity has established. Our potential is something that can flower only when we are no longer caught within the influence and limitations of the known." -Adyashanti

As people are being raised into an Awareness of their True Identity AS "children of God," and that, "we are (ALL) His (GOD's) Offspring," the shackles of fear are removed upon their understanding. For the Divine Nature is revealed IN US in direct proportion as we truly "SEE HIM AS HE IS." After this manner, all humanity is being transformed into His image from glory to glory, and in that way, "Every eye shall SEE HIM."

For "Behold the Lord comes in Holy Myriads OF Himself" and "He is coming to be glorified IN HIS Saints and to be marveled at among all them that have believed."

"God is the animating principle of every individual; God is the mind of every person here, the intelligence, expressing as person........We have found God as One; we have found God as our very being. We have found God to be the Life – not a life subject to sin, disease or death, but the One and Only Life; we have found God to be eternal and immortal life, our very individual life." -Joel S. Goldsmith

GOD IS SPIRIT, and though that SPIRIT IS ONE, IT IS perpetually being revealed and expressed through individual consciousness within Infinite dimensions of our experience: TO US, THROUGH US, IN US and AS US.

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