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Divine Source: trusting your needs will always be met

"You may wear out your iron-soled shoes searching for what arrives without effort when the time is right." Chinese proverb

Divine Source is one of my favorite topics to write about.

Here's a quote from Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead that explains it:

"While Divine Order says that the perfect whatever is already selected and you will be guided to it if you align yourself, Divine Source reminds that everything emanates from the One. If you know how to keep your vibration high and attuned to the Origin of All, whatever is needed to sustain you can always occur."

(from "Divine Uni-Source, chapter 3).

I began writing about this a few years ago when I was still working full-time as an astrologer. I became so saddened to see how many people feared and dreaded the stars, often even being taught this terror by other readers. I wrote about this in yesterday's column.

But if you understand Divine Source, there's not a transit in the world to dread or resist.

God is the Source; you simply align. While it can't always prevent the lessons that any chart may karmically need to go through, it encircles you with complete protection and allows you to relax into knowing, one way another, all will be well.

Furthermore, Divine Source says that whatever resonates with you will always find you.

And that which does not will naturally fall away.

No need to worry.

Anything of similar or complementary vibration will be ineluctably, irresistably drawn to you. And anything of contrary vibration will leave.

It's that simple.

When Outrageous Openness came out last fall and I was driving to Bay Area bookstores setting up events, this principle of 'natural affinity and attraction' was rampant. Some store managers were so excited even by the cover, they nearly ripped the book out of my hands as I walked in. BooksInc in the Castro was like this; they gave a fabulous launch party in September.

Other places were disinterested.

All was vibration.

I remember one store on Polk Street. The manager sort of growled, "Oh, we have a long wait here. You can leave a copy if you like for our 'pile.' If you're lucky, we might reach you one day. Or you could call a lot and keep begging us to take it."

"Oh god no!" I exclaimed. "It will go easily into the places that are right. I don't need to twist your arm!"

He was surprised when I thanked him smiling and just left.

Another time I went to a bookstore in Oakland. The owner declined, saying, "Well, I can't categorize it. Is it spiritual? New age? Humor? You'll never find your niche. And there are so many books all competing..."

I said, "You know, we can let it go no problem. I just go where it's desired and needed. Every person who might benefit from finding this eventually will. The Universe picks the ways."

Suddenly a man and woman walked in the door and strode up to us. The guy was about 7 feet tall and looked like a cross between a young Wilt Chamberlain and Jesus of Nazareth. The woman had a blonde afro like a celestial halo and barely came above his elbow. He spied the book in my hands.

"Oh my God," he nearly yelled, "What IS that!? Wow, I love the title. Do you have more copies? I need one NOW!"

Since the owner wasn't selling it, we all laughed and went outside as traffic whizzed by on Telegraph where he handed me the cash directly. Meanwhile the woman sounded as if she was channeling from an otherworldly choir,

"God will bless this book, " she proclaimed, testifying in a beautiful voice with her hand in the air, her eyes half-closed. "God will bless this book! Don't you worry, honey! All your trouble will be worth it; It is blessed!"

Well, the whole situation was wild. I literally had gone through such hell with the production of the book that my eyes welled up with tears. Since then, I've thought of this pair often. Sometimes I've wondered if they actually were angels from above.

So you never know what can happen when Divine Source takes over.

You just say, "Let whoever needs what I have to offer find me. All the right ways are already picked."

Then you let go and trust the process.

You vigorously take the steps that are shown.

And with the Divine as your Source, no need to beg or chase anything. And you never need to compete.

That's the darn truth.


Besides Amazon and itunes, "Outrageous Openness" can also be found in San Francisco at Sword and Rose in the Haight, Books Inc in the Castro, and Scarlet Sage on Valencia.

Also at Books, Inc in Alameda, Sagrada Sacred Arts on Oakland, Book Passage, Corta Madera, and Monarch Imports, Mill Valley.



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