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Divi_der divides and conquers at Phil’s Radiator

Divi_der divides and conquers at Phil's Radiator.
Divi_der divides and conquers at Phil's Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Divi_der made their live music debut at Phil’s Radiator, on May 24. They were the opening act, along with Despicable Dialects and Mooncrusher. JE Double F was the direct support and Creep Status was the headliner.

Divi_der divides and conquers at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

Tyler Boyce is the vocalist, Seth Statler and Donny Perez are the guitarists, Ronan Neilson is the drummer and Dean Pacheco is the bassist of Divi_der.

Neilson made his way to a laptop, which rested next to the soundboard. He played the introduction to Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’”, before Divi_der began their recital with “Underestimated”. As it was coming to an end, Neilson rushed over to his drum set and removed his shirt. As Statler was getting the crowd to rile up—he jumped in place, his hat fell off him and into the front row. A spectator placed it back on stage, as Boyce greeted the crowd.

Boyce went onto say it was Div_der’s first concert and he went onto introduce the first song, “Underestimated”. As soon as the song began, a mosh pit formed in the middle of the general admission area. Statler and Perez’s guitars were the dominant instruments heard, during the brief introduction instrumental.

Without letting the venue become silent, Statler and Perez let their guitars screech through the monitors. While the noise continued to ring, Boyce reintroduced Div_ider to those in attendance and they continued their concert with “To Life”. Statler followed suit as he stepped on his guitar’s case and remained there, as he strummed his guitar.

Prior to “Blah”, Boyce spoke on behalf of Divi_der and thanked the venue for providing a place to play and the crowd for making it out to the concert. As Neilson’s drum sticks clashed onto his cymbals, Pacheco led the way and the rest of the strings section accompanied him. As the song came to an end, Statler strummed his guitar and raised his fist into the air.

Before ending Div_ider’s recital with “Divided”, Boyce acknowledged all of the musical acts on the bill with them and advised everyone to stay tuned. Perez played last instrumental track from the laptop and Neilson struck his drums, shortly after. As Statler continued to play, he leaned backwards as if he was Neo in “The Matrix” and played. He positioned himself proper again, positioned his guitar vertically, raised it above and away from his body and ended the song in the same position.