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Diversity in Silicon Valley

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Diversity in Silicon Valley has been a hot issue especially with Facebook releasing their diversity numbers recently. A lot of places or people are pushing for more diversity, why? Too many people of a certain skin color or sex working for a company? Who knows? Everything is made of up of race or sex and it should never be about that. The same people are pushing for a diversity are trying to be fair and equal rights for all when in reality it is just as bad forcing a company to hire someone based off of their sex or skin color. Maybe those certain people want nothing to do with that career, maybe people have other things in mind on what they want to do. Jamming tech jobs down people’s throats are not the way to go. Yes, just about the entire country, if not world, is run on technology and it will continue to grow bigger every year. Let people figure that out for themselves. A tech job, such as a computer programmer can be rewarding, but it is challenging. In school alone, math is required for every semester, almost to the point you can be a math major. Some people simply turn away because of the math. Also, other issue for some people are the long hours and deadlines of work. Video game companies push for a certain deadline, so overtime is mandatory, unless everything is going smoothly. Those are just some of the reasons that make up someone’s mind, but there is also another issue that is going around the same line of sex or skin color, sexuality.
Recently Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was claimed to be gay on CNBC. The issue of someone sexuality is in fact not an issue. That is someone’s personal private business and it certainly would not affect ones job. Who cares if he is a gay CEO? Who cares if he is gay? The question people should be asking is if he is good at his job. That was everything should be about when it comes to business. Does this person have the skills and experiences to work here regardless of age, race, sex, sexuality?

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