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Diversity Present at Cleary University

Executive  Director Janet Filip, and AnnualGift officer, Josephine Jabara
Detroit Immigration Examiner

Who would have thought that Cleary University in Howell, Michigan, is already over 130 years old?

And as a specialized business school, it has continued to keep pace with the new social and demographic changes in Michigan.

Established back in 1883 as Cleary College, this institution has evolved into a prestigious international business university that includes foreign talent. Today Cleary counts among its directors professionals from other countries, such as Scottish Director of the Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Stewart Brannen, and Josephine Jabara, the new Annual Gift Officer, from The Netherlands.

Cleary University also has a growing number of foreign students, including a group from India, and the university is working to recruit additional students from the South Pacific area, from countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia at the end of the year.

"Even though Howell is not known as the most diverse city in Michigan," said Janet Filip, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations (herself from Korea), there are a lot of international companies in this area, such as Ogihara America Corporation", explained Director Filip.

The newly opened Arthur Secunda Museum seems to serve as an example of the university as a serious promoter of diversity. Arthur Secunda, a Sephardic Jew, is a distinguished and internationally renowned artist whose works are also exhibited at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Secunda's works are also present at museums and galleries around Belgium, Holland, Spain, Israel, Japan, France, and Sweden.

Unveiled in 2012, Cleary University's Arthur Secunda Museum is today the largest public display of art in Livingston County, and promises to be one of the most important art collections by a local artist in the entire State of Michigan.

The Arthur Secunda Museum is still in process. When completely finished, it will consist of four phases -- two have already been completed and are now open to the public. To meet the needs of the new museum, Cleary University's Chrysler Hall North has been "dual-purposed" to provide 550 linear feet of quality wall display space, to include the creation of a dedicated gallery, that will host rotating exhibitions in the future.

Arthur Secunda is an artist that is close to the heart of Detroiters. Born in New Jersey in 1927, Secunda began his successful career in 1940, after studying at Cass Tech and at the Detroit Institute of Arts. His impressive production includes landscapes and portraits, in an unimaginable number of styles and techniques by a single artist, including oil paint, serigraphy, ceramics, lithography, engraving, and other printmarking techniques. His paintings range from oil to charcoal, and from canvas and paper (made by himself). The subjects of his works include impressive landscapes from Arles, France, revolutionary fighters in Mexico, and series in different colors. NAFTA also hired Secunda as an image visualizer, to interpret the statistics and scientific data obtained from space research into colorful visual images.

Secunda's international experience is further illustrated through his extraordinary portraits of Van Gogh, Catherine the Great of Russia, Albert Einstein (a former classmate of his!), Ann Frank, and others. The years he lived in France, Mexico, and Switzerland seem to have also encouraged the amazing diversity of his work.

The Arthur Secunda Museum at Cleary University is open to the public, and entrance is free of charge.

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