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Diversity; GOP Style

There is a misleading caricature of Affirmative Action (hereinafter referred to as “AA”) which is frequently espoused by GOP officials and that caricature is amplified by the media poodles who adore and enable them.   As the caricature goes, supporters of “AA” (i. e. Democrats) are so enthrall to the notion of racial diversity that they are willing to promote it at the expense of rewarding merit.  According to these dishonest detractors, supporters of “AA” simply want to increase the number of minority participants included or admitted to a program or institution and that this policy is completely unconcerned with either qualifications or merit.   That is why you frequently hear “AA” described by its ideological opponents as a quota system.   The argument is primarily waged over college and graduate school admissions and it suggest that supporters of “AA” would willingly deprive a higher, achieving white applicant by granting admission to a less qualified person of color, simply because he or she is a person of color.   They actually make this bogus argument with a straight (a-historical) face!   In a rare moment of intellectual consistency, the political party WITH NO BLACKS MEMBERS IN EITHER HOUSE OF CONGRESS has determined that racial diversity, in the world’s most racially diverse society, isn’t an important value.   As a result of their “facts notwithstanding” and hypocrisy laden repudiation of “AA”, the Republican Party has decided that the concept of merit, as subjectively defined by their racially homogenous party, is both the proper way to define that elusive term and that their antiquated definition far outweighs any value associated with racial diversity.   

Here, in one of those rare instances where Republicans are intellectually consistent, they are also purposefully misleading.   You can’t on the one hand argue that school admissions or employment hiring/promotions policies should strictly adhere to the subjective notion of merit favored by Republicans, while at the same time promoting a totally unqualified candidate for Vice President of the United States!   In 2008, our nation was confronted by 2 foreign wars, a well founded fear of terrorism, and a looming financial crisis of epic proportions.   The notion that a political party that dishonestly attacks “AA” as an affront to the concept of merit would simultaneously promote Sara Palin as an aged (McCain was the oldest Presidential candidate in U.S. history), 3 time cancer survivor’s running mate for our nation’s highest office is simply breathtaking in both its absurdity and its hypocrisy!  

While Sara Palin is very popular with a small, ultra conservative and racially homogenous segment of the American people, her limited comprehension of issues both foreign and domestic place her easily within the boundaries of the most extreme version of the GOP’s caricature of “AA”.  When her inability to grasp basic political facts, her breathtaking historical ignorance and her intentionally divisive rhetoric are taken into consideration, the notion that she would be promoted as a national leader is simply unfathomable.     At a time when our nation (and the world) was in such a precarious position, the Republican Party’s unifying behind her candidacy clearly demonstrated their complete lack of a serious governing philosophy, their continued embrace of policies and politicians who polarize the American people and the total hypocrisy inherent in their opposition to “AA”!    

Are we really to believe that who gets into what college or is admitted to what law school (there are no “AA” Bar Exams) is more important then who our national leaders are?   There is a statistical likelihood that a 73 year old, 3 time cancer survivor (Senator McCain) would not have survived a full Presidential term and if he was unable to complete said term (death or illness) Sara Palin, the right wing and extremely polarizing, half term Governor of Alaska (she quit her elected job) and a woman of clearly limited intellect (she’s intellectually challenged) and zero intellectual curiosity (she’s content to be intellectually challenged) would have become the President of the United States!   She has even gone so far as to suggest that she has a foreign policy advantage over her opponents because she can see Russia from her house!   Are these people serious?     

All that being said, when one considers the Balkanizing language and intellectual perversity embraced by the Beck/Limbaugh/Fox News/Tea Bag wing of their party’s supporters, in conjunction with the self-serving and anti Democratic practices they consistently display in Congress, it seems pretty clear that Republicans  actually do embrace their own unique brand of diversity.   As Republicans give a big wet enabling kiss to any group or movement they think improves their electoral chances (Tea Baggers), they have also revealed the concept of diversity which they support.   Unfortunately for the American people, the diversity Republicans have embraced isn’t racial, ethnic, religious, ideological or regional.   While Democrats have opted to create a big tent where diverse groups can coalesce and voice their considered opinions on important matters of public policy, Republicans, seemingly disinterested in public policy and considered opinions, have broadened their party by uniting both their fact or knowledge based supporters and those who believe or disbelieve things “facts notwithstanding” (also known as the stupid)!   Now that’s diversity!      


  • Conservative brother. 5 years ago


    Well that's because idiots in Maryland sent Cardin to the Senate instead of Michael Steele. Also Steele - a black man - leads the GOP. So wise up moron.

    You, like most blacks, conform and vote for Democrats EVERY election. Though many black families lack fathers, they vote for Democrats so Uncle Sam can be their family's father! Just great. Liberals like you like to call black conservatives like me "Uncle Tom," but it is YOU sir who are the Uncle Tom!

  • Post racial 5 years ago

    Still afraid to step off the LSD's plantation after all these years?

  • The Liberal Examiner 5 years ago

    Post racial; what is the LSD's plantation, and what does it have to do with opposing "AA" and then offering up Sarar Palin?
    Conservative brother; Michael Steele, really. I don't think I spoke of anyone as an Uncle Tom, but if I did, it would be Michael Steele. But think about this for a minute, 95% of blacks vote against the party with no blacks and the 5% who do vote for them point to the 05% as being dumb, naive or unsophisticated. Does that seem at all reasonable to you? If 95% of us are dumb, what does that say about us as a people, and how do reconcile that with the fact that most educated people and most woman doen't vote GOP either? Ask yourself how many white men would vote for a party with no white men in it.

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Same old crap. You really are afraid of Palin aren't you Michael ? If you put her list of accomplishments next to those of our pretender-in-chief there's no question who would've been more qualified. Obama has been a complete disaster, What has he accomplished besides blaming Bush for his (meaning obama's) failure to get anything done ? At some point your boy-king is going to have to accept responsibility for his own incompetence. I won't be holding my breath waiting though. I can't wait for November. It's going to be a bloodbath.

  • Get a clue! 5 years ago

    "the fact that most educated people and most woman doen't vote GOP either? "

    Spelling aside, what an uninformed ignorant comment.

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Get a clue: You've stumbled upon the official home of "uninformed ignorant comment"(s). Stay tuned to this "examiner". It's a virtual laugh riot.

  • Post racial 5 years ago

    LSD = Liberal/Socialist/Democrat

  • The Liberal Examiner 5 years ago

    Get a clue (how appropriate), my Quyale-like spelling asside, are you saying that there isn't both a gender gap and that most college educated voters don't eschew the GOP? Are you part of the Facts "notwithstanding" say anything crowd?
    Mark; why would anyone be afraid of Palin and what has she accomplished? Can't claim being Gov. and accomplishment cuz she quit to make $ on her book. Even Republicans say she's stupid. And please, name one policy that Obama has put forward that has caused job loss. He's just tryin to fix the messes that W. left him. Do you really not see this, or can you just not admit it?

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Sorry Mikey-boy, you're a fool just like your narcissistic boy-king. As Palin has explained she left the Gov of Alaska because of all the bs lawsuits started by your people detracting from her ability to deal with the state's business. Her record as Governor was impressive especially compared with Obama's non existent accomplishments in either the Illinois Senate or the US. Can't wait to hear this fool Wednesday night. It will be my turn to froth since it will likely be worse than watching a Steelers game. I really don't understand though how you can continue to write your self-important tomes when everyone who does react thinks you're an idiot. I look forward to each and every one though. Hilarious.

  • The Liberal Examiner 5 years ago

    Mark, come on man, no need to be uncivil. If I'm a fool, I'm a fool for listening to your Republican pals who tell me Palin in patheticly stupid. She quite her job because of law suits, really! What if Bill Clinton had done that? Is there anything she says that you won't buy in to? Do you really think she is qualified to be VP? Can conservatives really not admit anything!

  • Mark 5 years ago

    I would certainly not admit what you're implying because, as usual, you're wrong. To compare Palin's reaction to numerous unfounded lawsuits brought solely in an attempt to paint her as the left wishes her to be perceived with Clinton's where the legal troubles were justified by the facts is ridiculous and you know it.
    Palin left the gov office out of consideration for the citizens of Alaska. Clinton would not give up power voluntarily if you put a freaking gun to his head. He is almost as narcissistic as your boy-king.
    Again, with Palin's experience actually running something successfully she was way more qualified for the presidency than Mr (I vote present) Obama. America is finding out just how unqualified he is. He's an embarrassment to this country and is seen as a joke by anyone with half a brain.

  • Conservative brother 5 years ago

    Explain to me "liberal Examiner," why historically black colleges' graduation rates are much worse than blacks who attend mostly white colleges? Explain that to me!

  • Conservative brother 5 years ago

    This man should be your local mentor:

  • Mark 5 years ago

    CB: If you look over this "examiner's" history you will see where he and I have done battle over some of the issues you raise with no resolution. This "examiner" is strictly a Dem talking point repeater. He truly does not understand what happened in the 60s and why it has proven to be detrimental to Blacks in America. I applaud you, sir, for having the intelligence and strength to think for yourself. This "examiner" is a lost cause. I don't know why I bother commenting anymore.

  • Larry Soetoro 5 years ago

    The Liberal Examiner says: Do you really think she is qualified to be VP?

    Much more qualified to be VP than Obama is to be President. Or even a Senator.

  • Larry Soetoro 5 years ago

    Mark, if I remember correctly, there was ONE woman in Alaska that filed 14 lawsuits against Palin. ONE WOMAN 14 SUITS!

  • Mark 5 years ago

    I don't doubt that Larry. Common sense dictates if you need to spend outrageous amounts of time in court defending yourself from frivolous lawsuits you can't do any job effectively let alone running a State. Palin's choice to step down was the responsible choice to make in the interest of Alaskans and had nothing to do with her upcoming book as posited by "His Royal Liberal Examiner". A ridiculous amount of MSM operatives invaded Alaska looking for whatever dirt they could find on Palin. They found none. Meanwhile no one in the MSM is interested in the fact that Obama's first act as President was to seal all of his records. We know nothing about this man that can be verified and many many people are convinced he is not a "natural born citizen" as required by our Constitution to be POTUS. McCain was vetted by Congress in this respect while no one cared to investigate the boy-king. It's sickening that this country is being destroyed right in front of our noses and the MSM is complicit.

  • The Liberal Examiner 4 years ago

    Wow, Mark, you Conservative Brother and the rest of your ilk really have been drinking the Fox-aid. You don't think that all the Clinton investigations (over 10 blow jobs) were a which hunt? Why do you dismis all the Republicans who say Palin is an idiot. Lastly, conservative brother, I have no idea if the grad. stats you put forth are true, or if they are, why they are. Are you suggesting that black folks need to be around white folks to learn? At least Mark has the good sense to be a Ravens fan, you probably root for the Steelers! Oh, that was too dirty, I apologize.

  • Mark 4 years ago

    Mikey, your reference to Clinton's legal woes is disingenuous at best. Being an "attorney" surely you understand he was not impeached over oral sex, it was about obstruction of justice, lying under oath, just little things like that. Also I drink kool-aid from neither side. I prefer single malt Scotch or a good Czech Pilsner. Any Republicans referring to Palin as an idiot (and you'd have to name names here, provide legitimate quotes) are Republicans who don't want the party shaken up with a return to real Conservative principles. Liberal Republicans are as scared of her as the Dems are. That's a good sign for America.
    By the way, what's a "which-hunt".