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Divers explore Pt Loma

San Diego divers David Hershman and Michael Bear set out early Sunday for Pt Loma, to avoid an anticipated incoming swell. While some minor swell was encountered on the bottom, overall the dive was enjoyable and a wide variety of marine life was seen, such as: Black Surfperch, male and female Sheephead, Rockfish, Calico Bass, Cobalt blue, yellow and orange sponges, Bryozoa, Orange Cup Coral, Purple sea urchins, Strawberry Anemones (Corynactis c.), various species of algae and Proliferating Anemones on Kelp.

Diver David Hershman photographs kelp
Michael Bear

Visibility was good in the top 20 ft (20 ft +/-), but reduced somewhat on the bottom to between 5 and 10 ft., which was not too much of an issue because both divers were doing close-up photography of marine life.

One highlight of the day was running across some migrating Grey Whales heading South towards Baja California. They could be seen blowing and even at one point, breaching with the tail visible.

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