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Dive Into the World of Surrogates

Tom Greer's big decision.
Tom Greer's big decision.
Touchstone Pictures

Imagine a world where anyone could have there very own self robot.  Maybe even one that isn't you.  Well, that is what the 2009 movie "Surrogates" is all about.  It is a world of humans using a machine which makes them inactive and turns them into surrogate mode.   This movie takes place in the year 2017, where the outdoors is almost isolated from actual human beings.  Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is an FBI agent who is investigating the murder of the son of the man who created surrogacy.  His son died while in his surrogate.  His surrogate was destroyed, which also killed him somehow.

    Meanwhile Tom, in his surrogate, gets wounded by a weapon.  The injury from the gun inflicts on himself somehow.  Later that night, Maggie (Tom's wife), finds him laying in pain on the ground.  The couple is going through a state of depression as their young son died in a car accident.  Maggie prefers her surrogate over her actual self.

   The rest of this movie is Tom discovering the bad effects surrogacy has on the nation.  Overall, I don't think this is Jonathan Mostow's best work.  All though the surrogates have a truely surreal look to them, it just doesn't make for a good plot.