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Dive into 'Oceans'

'Oceans' takes viewers beneath the waves to the wonders of the sea.
'Oceans' takes viewers beneath the waves to the wonders of the sea.

One of the best things about the recent developments in film and film-making technology is that quality of nature documentaries has increased by leaps and bounds. As Oceans demonstrates, filmmakers are now able to capture heretofore unseen images with breathtaking clarity.

Oceans (narrated by Pierce Brosnan) doesn't follow one specific creature, or one species, but is rather a tone-poem, celebrating the diversity and mystery of a landscape that takes up 75 percent of our planet's surface. The film has a Whitman-esque nature to it, celebrating all of life in it's various forms, jumping around from one part of the world to the next, going from featuring the adorable sea otters to the inexplicable creatures that make their homes in coral reefs.

The astounding images never stop, whether it's a flock of birds dive-bombing a school of fish like the best dog fight ever filmed, an Orca surging onto a beach after a sea lion to divers free-diving (no cages, no protection) with great white sharks.

Perhaps the most astonishing scenes are those which use satellite imagery to show the spread of pollution from rivers that bleed into the oceans like veins of black poison. It's a sobering sight.

If pictures really are worth a thousand words, the images in Oceans speak volumes about how little control humans have over the planet, and how important it is that they are cautious with what they can control.

There's too much life and beauty beneath the waves to do anything but celebrate it, and Oceans allows viewers to do just that.

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  • Drew Denny - National Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    Planning on taking my son next week to an iMax to see this. Although he "doesn't want" to see it, I think he will love it.

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