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Dive back into your PS3 library for some challenges

Now that the remains of last holiday season's titles have come out and more than likely been played to death, the last couple of weeks and the upcoming weeks look a little empty and unfulfilling to gamers. So what is a gamer to do until the bigger games such as Infamous and Prototype come out? Here are some ideas to keep you entertained until said games come out.

1) Complete Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 5: World at War on Veteran difficulty.

You might have played the game on the Easy, Normal, or even the Hardened difficulty, but if you want a true challenge that will keep you busy for a few days, beat one or both of these games on the hardest difficulty.

Besides, there are some nice trophies in CoD 5 when you complete each level on Veteran. As you might know, the percentage of those who have completed these games on Veteran is very low (2-3%), so try to become apart of the elite pack.

2) Get your Burnout License in Burnout Paradise.

With a massive list of races, stunt runs, marked man events, takedown challenges, etc, obtaining your Burnout License can be both rewarding and challenging. As you get ever closer to the top license, expect some fun races, particularly the Burning Routes that will test all of your skills of the game.

There are some other things you can do in Burnout to keep you entertained, such as smashing all of the billboards, breaking all of the gates, messing around with the motorcycles, playing online and doing all sorts of fun things, etc.

If you don't already have this game, you can always download it from the PSN store for $20.

3) Play through the Orange Box.

With five games on one disc, the Orange Box is one of the best values to come to gaming in the recent years. Half-Life 2 is one of the best known and beloved FPS of all-time and this is included on the disc, along with Half-Life Episode 1 and Episode 2. Though Team Fortress 2 is great, the community never took off too well, though there are the loyal lot. You can play a few online games of TF 2, a unique FPS experience.

Then to round off the title, you have Portal, a puzzler FPS-esque game that will challenge your mind from beginning to end. A truly wonderful game to play through. It also has challenges to complete the levels in as few steps as possible, fewest shots, etc. See why the cake is a lie.

4) Create, Share, and Play Little Big Planet

If you have played through the story mode and had a good time, I encourage you to go online and check out the hundreds of user created levels that are free and easy to play. There have been some great levels created and will provide you with challenges, laughs, and an overall good session of gameplay.

Feeling creative? Try your hand at creating a level. Making a level is fun and can also take up many hours to complete. With all of the tools at your disposal, you can make a level that can rival the top created levels and it is fun to see who plays it and what they say about it.

5) There's plenty of long games out there

RPGs are usually games that will last for 40-60 hours, at least (Eternal Sonata, Folklore, etc) and then there are those which you can get close to 100 hours out of (Oblivion or Fallout 3). Immerse yourself in a deep and rich world such as these and you can spend days searching, exploring, and battling your way through detailed worlds.

There are plenty of other things you can play, if you feel as though you must play something. There are also Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, etc, but if you have blown through these, try going back to another older game and stepping up the difficulty, playing through it differently, etc.

If all else fails, read a book, go outside, watch some tv or movie, or hang out with your friends until games that interest you come out. There is always something to do, other than complain about a lack of games.


  • dardo766 5 years ago

    let me give you a few more of this points:

    6)import Demon's Souls and you have (fully in english) one of the best PS3 games and it will take you at least 45 hours to complete

    7)go prestige on both call of duty mp

    8)finish MGS4 without killing anyone except the bosses

    9)complete the festival on motorstorm PR


  • xino 5 years ago

    No Ninja Gaiden Sigma!?

  • yo 5 years ago

    darlo766 is right

    play demon soul. It is the best PS3 game on 2009 so far along with KZ2.
    its much much better than Fallout 3
    Also its a known fact that Orange box for the PS3 is a flop, Valve could not hire programmers to make games on PS3 which is why L4D is on 360 and PC.
    why the f**k do retard authors keep talking about playing it on the PS3 all the time

  • alex c 5 years ago

    on a different note, its unbelieve-able that the godfather 2 has just come out, and not a week -or week and a bit has pased, and a 17.46 £ quid downloadable content package is out, 17.46, thats a game almost, (i live in the uk, new games are 39.99 but drop after a few weeks to 29.99 or sometimes better) 17.46 , i NEVER BUY EA games games, u know what i mean, rip, i know the americans like the madden but jus' but sonys mlb:the show and be happy. its one of your national sports, atleast, lol..

    and to the xbox live, thats a total joke having paid for online storage, whoever thought of it is genius, but it was done about , um, 3 years ago alredy...get with the times man!!.. im talking about the new v.i.p live service.

    i agree psn doesnt have quite so many features, but almost, right....

    the it has home, life with playstation, the net browser, bluetooth, hmmmm all for ,,,,free... l8rs

  • alex c 5 years ago