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Ditkomania: The Steve Ditko fanzine

The new issue of Ditkomania (#93) — the fanzine devoted to comicbook artist Steve Ditko, and helmed by Rob Imes is nearly complete and looking for funding through Kickstarter. This issue focuses on Ditko’s monsters Gorgo and Konga!

Ditkomania #93 (May 2014) Steve Ditko fanzine
Steve Ditko
Ditkomania #93 (May 2014) Steve Ditko fanzine
Rob Imes

The print copy of Ditkomania #93 will be at least 32 B&W pages (possibly more, depending on the full measure of the contents) and will focus on Steve Ditko’s monster characters, particularly Gorgo and Konga. The issue will also have a letters section from readers reacting to the previous issue of Ditkomania (#92).

The fanzine is printed on a photocopier and hand-folded and stapled by Imes, who numbers each issue individually (with a red ballpoint pen) on the front inside cover. The covers are printed on cardstock paper.

If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, he will have a color cover on the printed copies of Ditkomania, which would only mark the second time he’s done that. According to Imes, the first time was with his previous Kickstarter project, for issue #91 of Ditkomania. The front cover of this issue is drawn by Jim McPherson and colored by Javier Hernandez. The back cover is drawn and colored by Darren Goodhart.

Imes informs us that most of this issue’s contents are already in hand (and have been for a while), but the material has not yet been formatted to print-ready master sheets. That takes a little time to do, but not much.He also indicated that there may be some last-minute additions to the contents, but he don’t foresee any problems that would require delaying the issue beyond its projected release date (which is early May).

In comicbook circles Steve Ditko is the legendary artist who created or co-created an astonishing list of iconic comicbook characters, including (but not limited to) Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, The Creeper, Hawk and Dove, Captain Atom, Mr. A. Static, The Question, and many, many more. His influence on the comicbook industry extends to this very day, and Ditko still works in the industry producing independent comics. Hence if you are a fan of Ditko, and haven’t seen this most excellent fanzine, then you really do owe it to yourself to check it out by contributing to an excellent comicbook ‘zine.

This project will be funded on

Fri, May 2


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