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Dita Von Teese introduces unique wedding dress challenge on 'Project Runway'

Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese
Dave Benett/BringBackOurGirls/Getty Images

Dita Von Teese, lingerie designer and burlesque dancer, walked arm-in-arm with Tim Gunn for the opening of “Project Runway” Thursday on the Lifetime network. When Dita got married her wedding gown wasn’t anything of the traditional white. Instead, hers was completely deep purple. For this week’s challenge they were split into teams of two.

One designer would be responsible for the dress; the other would design a reception outfit. Each of them had to be cohesive and above all, non-traditional. This particular challenge is reminiscent of Billy Idol’s 1980s music video, “White Wedding,” which clearly shows an unconventional wedding and attire. Like the song says “It's a nice day for a white wedding.”

Tensions erupted at the start of the episode at the Gotham West apartments with drama queen Korina further alienating her from the team. This time she made digs towards Amanda. She seems to be envious of her multiple wins. In an ironic twist of fate they were both paired together in this challenge. At Mood Char and Sandhya picked the brightest yellow fabric for their gown and dress. This was the proverbial yellow used at Easter.

Sadly, Char and Sandhya’s dresses were not coming together. At the end they ended up with a complete mess, both of them. On the runway Amanda’s and Korina’s feud came together in a stunning shiny white material tux-inspired suit for going down the aisle. Amanda did her usual spin of cutouts laid on top of her reception dress. They were the only team safe. All the other teams would be in the top or bottom.

Kini and Tim managed a brilliant mini collection inspired for gay marriage. Tim Gunn was thrilled someone was doing that. Kini once again worked his speedy magic into a suit-topped flamenco skirt black gown, while Tim made tuxedo pants and a cape-like blouse for a lesbian couple. It was unanimously the winner this week.

The Tweety Bird team with its over-the-top yellow began was causing the judges to complain, because the color was hurting their eyes. Oddly enough, the color wasn’t even an issue later on. Instead, it was the shoddy work from both designers. In the end, Sean won another consecutive challenge, while poor Kini is always the bridesmaid. When is he going to win?

The bottom two were Char and Sandhya with Char being sent home. Tim was visible upset to say goodbye to her. He told Char he had thought of using his save. According to the previews for next week he has something to reveal in the workroom. It is likely she will be coming back.

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