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Disturbing Facebook selfie likely saved Susann Stacy's life

Susann Stacy's Facebook plea for help likely saved her life this week.
Susann Stacy's Facebook plea for help likely saved her life this week.
Susann Stacy

Susann Stacy was very likely saved after posting a selfie to Facebook depicting her badly beaten and bloodied face. On January 2, Huffington Post reported that Stacy had posted the picture to Facebook with the following caption, "Help please anyone."

Stacy was desperate for help after her husband allegedly beat her with the butt of his gun during a fight. He also reportedly pulled the phone out of the wall, stopping her from calling for help.

Trapped in her bathroom and fearing for her life, Susann Stacy did not have cell service but did have access to wifi from her phone. A little bit of ingenuity may have saved her life. Stacy snapped a quick selfie of her bloodied and beaten face and posted it on Facebook.

A friend saw the gruesome picture and called 911, resulting in a visit from Leslie County Sheriff's Sam Mullins. Susann's husband Donnie Stacy had already left the premises but was found nearby. His loaded gun was found outside by their son's tire swing.

Following the media attention of Susann Stacy's story, feedback has been both positive and negative. That led Susann to post the following message to her Facebook page on Thursday:

A statement about the events of Monday.. I posted a picture via WiFi because it was my ONLY way to seek help. I didn't have a phone to call on... no cell service... just WiFi. I just wanted help.. to not die in a pool of my own blood in my kitchen floor. I am thankful for all the help... care... concern... and humanity shown to me. There are so many negative statements being made... along with positive ones... following the news stories. To each their own. Time to find that more better forever. Blessings.

Despite any criticism Susann may have been subjected to, her Facebook selfie probably saved her life.

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