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District Attorney fraud investigator admits to DWI crime

Harris County District Attorney's fraud investigator
Harris County District Attorney's fraud investigator
HPD Mug shot

A controversial program that affords a slap on the wrist for first-time drunk drivers has paid off for the top fraud investigator with the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

The DA's office has defended its pre-trial diversion program that allows first time drunk drivers to avoid jail time and a final conviction on their record, saying it offers people who simply make a mistake to change their ways.

In July, 43-year-old Bryan Vaclavik of Brenford Street in Houston was arrested after plowing into several parked cars and then leaving the scene of the crash.

Houston Police said Vaclavik's vehicle slammed into a woman's car as she backed out of her driveway on Wilson Street, but he then drove away and hit another parked car on the street.

Officers found him downtown an hour later, sitting on the sidewalk near his car, which had jumped a curb and ended up lodged on top of a fence.

He is the top investigator, a certified police officer, in the Harris County DA's financial crimes division, where he was responsible for teams that look into white collar crime.

The DA's office issued a statement after his arrest, saying,

"The district attorney has commissioned an internal disciplinary review of the circumstances related to Mr. Vaclavik's arrest. Mr. Vaclavik has been an employee of the District Attorney's office since 1993."

A special prosecutor was appointed to the case so that no coworkers would be involved in prosecuting his case, and last week he entered a plea in the diversion program.

The hit and run charge, which is also a misdemeanor crime, was dropped when he pleaded out on the DWI charge.

If he completes probation, his record will not include a conviction.

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