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District 33 political machine shuts local candidate out of his hometown forum

Three candidates
Three candidates
Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

I’m writing to you today under my title as the Los Angeles Bipartisan Examiner because First; I’m ferociously bipartisan, if that’s the right word for it, to the extent that I believe both parties of the red and blue political machine are now left with no good choice other than to demand bold political reform from within. The parties must do it in order to spread that reform throughout government and the complex powers that support and control it.

Second; up until yesterday I rightly thought I was going to be included this Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club Candidates Forum for California's 33rd Congressional District.

The forum is being held at the:

Pacific Palisades Woman's Club

901 Haverford Avenue

Pacific Palisades, 90272

Thought he would be included

I thought I was going to be included in the forum, well, not only because I received enough signatures to be on the ballot..., But because I was raised in this district. I probably know more about this district and the issues that affect it than any of the other candidates combined. Matter of fact, after hearing them speak I have found it a personal source of wonderment as to how any of them could expect to pull such old wool over the eyes of their constituents and be elected in the first place.

I’ve lived and worked here in District 33 my entire life. I’m a local. I’ve written for the local newspaper. I’m a past president and lifetime director of the Pacific Palisades Historical Society. I represented the homeowners association at the Pacific Palisades Community Council, and I served as a council member.

This past week I sent emails and text messages, even Facebook messages, seeking confirmation of my inclusion in today’s forum to the President, Vice President of Political Affairs, and the friendly fellow who is listed as the club’s main contact on the California Democratic Party website.

A decision was made

Yesterday, the VP of Political Affairs called me and informed me that a decision had been made, in order to be fair in limiting who is part of the debate, a candidate must have raised over $200k... and therefore as it was painstakingly spelled out to me, I was presumably O-U-T.


“But… but…,” I started to stammer as I was trying to communicate that I believed we had surpassed our $250k mark…

But the gracious VP of Political Affairs mentioned that I would have had to have reported it anyway. I replied that to my knowledge not one candidate has reported to the elections commission thus far. It’s a little early for that. So she mentioned that she would still have to have some proof.

Tries to muster up momentum

At that point I was still trying muster up the momentum to direct the gracious VP of Political Affairs to the information on my website, and I believed she would be checking there after she offered that someone would be calling me the very next day...

But Fooey..., no one ever did call.

Finally, late yesterday I got another call and an email, and the focus appears to have totally shifted from the amounts of money raised, to the fact that it was just too late to include me because they had already advertised the event, and even though they were simultaneously letting another candidate onto the forum at the last minute, I unfortunately had missed the deadline.

Missed the deadline? What deadline? How in the heck can there be a darned deadline if no one has informed a candidate about a forum until after it's "too late"? That’s where these kind of mix-ups start to appear outrageous to the average not anybody much person like I believe myself to be.

And by the way, I hope the tone of this article comes off as good-natured as I'm feeling about it all while I’m typing it out. You see, the lady I spoke with was just as nice as can be [Even if the conversation left a little to be desired]. I’m even smiling right at this moment. Yes I am. But kind of left with an obsequious kind of a smile at that I must admit.

Seems even inadvertently undemocratic

That’s the old problem with the print media isn’t it? If one is angry at the moment one could possibly assume this article had a downright angry tone to it. Besides, inviting hundreds of Pacific Palisades people to the forum so they can choose which candidate to vote for, and then showing them only Big Brother’s top three or four... just doesn’t appear to be very democratic at all.

In any event, I want to believe that the good volunteers at the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club are just doing their best and that there has just been some kind of a mix-up. That’s why I’m still mulling over what I ought to do at this point.

And since I was raised in this district, unlike the top three candidates attending the forum with the same old Washington D.C. based Clinton/Obama, federally connected operatives behind them, I happen to know what makes this important little part of the world tick.

Unlike those three affable career politicians and the other one running for the first time but who just happens to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the economic advisor to the president who allowed the Glass-Steagall Acts to be dismantled, I didn't help cause the Great Worldwide Recession, or stand by as it unfolded. I didn't author bills, like the pre-determined winner of this election, which were painstakingly worded to protect consumers and homeowners from banks, and then flip in the home stretch to allow a sentence or two that exempted them.

For while each of Washington D.C.'s ordained candidates talk up good ideas on healthcare [Universal or single payer], or Education [raising teacher's requirements and salaries], or raising the minimum wage, and they speak about being job creators without offering any credible plans, they are nonetheless horribly compromised by the powers that be.

They are going to sell us all down the river on the most fundamental of issues regarding International Trade, International Pharma, the GMO's, the International Military Industrial Complex, and an International Financial Trading Cartel including the Bank of America, Inc., that bear no allegiance whatsoever to our country, and make no fundamental decisions whatsoever in consideration of what is good for it. As far as I'm concerned, the congressional representative from District 33 is supposed to represent our interests to the federal government, and not have it the other way around.

A candidate's right to participate in the electoral process is relevant.

Due process is as particularly relevant here as a candidate's right to participate in this electoral process, because all candidates that appear on the ballot must be in on the forum. It doesn't matter if you are a minor candidate or a major candidate. In my opinion the voters can make those decisions once they've seen all the candidates on a level playing field. So I expect to attend today anyway, because I want everybody to know I am the people's candidate [Yes, the people's candidate, as corny and as clichéd as that sounds] for Congress in District 33.

Just show up

I would sure appreciate it if just any one of you reading this today would just show up, just show up..., at the forum today and respectfully ask in advance for a membership vote on whether I should be allowed permission to participate.

That would surely make my smile even better.

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