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Distraught suicidal sophmore caused Glen Allen lockdown

Students were able to tweet real-time photos as the drama unfolded.
Students were able to tweet real-time photos as the drama unfolded.

Yesterday's emergency situation that developed at Glen Allen High School, in Henrico, Virginia has come to an end. Henrico Police reported a 'distraught' male student, possibly armed with a gun, was to blame for the school having to go on lock down. Student Chris Walton explained to WTVR he knew the situation was "real" when SWAT members entered his class and told everyone to "put their hands up". Walton looked at his teacher and the look on their face made him realize this was no "drill". The teacher then pushed a table against the door, and the students were not allowed to look out of the windows.

School officials were pleased with outcome of lock down

Police searched the high school room by room, searching neighboring communities for the perpetrator. Police confirmed part of what WTVR has learned about the distraught sophmore, saying they believe he had plans to kill himself in front of his girlfriend. The student was taken into custody, but not apprehended on school property.

Education expert Bill Bosher, who worked as a school superintendent for several years, told WTVR,

“At the end of the day when young people are safe and staff members are safe it was never an overreaction to do the things that the police department needed to do to make sure that was true".

Several students were able to utilize twitter and actually tweeted real-time photographs, as anxious parents grasped at every bit of information they could about the unfolding drama. Needless to say, parents are pleased with the safe outcome, and are happy with the emergency response from police and SWAT.

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