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Distracted: A reminder your friends matter

Today it seems people are attached to their gadgets, especially teenagers.

Don't be distracted when you are with your friends! Be a positive warrior!

Although many adults are just as guilty, whether you are eating at a restaurant or shopping for groceries, chances are very high you will see grownups on their phones while in the company of others.

We often speak about distracted driving, it kills - it's that simple. Have you ever considered the damage that distracted texting can do to your friendships?

Hanging with your friends is not hanging with your friends if you are spending time on your phone.

Give your time to the people you are with, they will appreciate you more.

Being considerate to those around you, including a waitress or a cashier is something everyone needs to be more conscience of.

Distracted living has become a way that many people conduct themselves, but isn't time we recognize it for what it really is --- rude!

#iCANHELP Campaign recently released their latest video DISTRACTED to remind us that people matter. They continue to bring to the surface the positive things you can do with social media in an effort to delete negativity online.

Today is Tag Someone Thursday and they replaced Hump Day with Happy Help Day! In conjunction with DISTRACTED, their earlier message of STACK IT hit home with many parents.

Join #iCANHELP on Facebook today and follow them on Twitter.

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