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2014 Winter Olympics

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Dissecting Lolo Jones haters: 2014 Sochi Olympic hopeful offers fans ammo

Dissecting Lolo Jones Haters: Olympic hopeful offers fans ammo
Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images

Hate Lolo Jones? Believe it or not the athlete who dominated the conversation at the London Olympics is now going to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Fans haven’t changed their mind about how they feel about Jones. The majority of the comments about the athlete are negative on social media and oddly she is always on NBC talking more than her teammates. According to For The Win on Friday it is Lolo Jones who commands the attention even though she is disliked so much by fans.

Need a description of a Lolo Jones hater? It’s a fan that despises everything the athlete touches. Nobody can suggest the star isn't polarizing. She is in a number of ways, but she also brings some of this hating on herself. Offering to be in front of the cameras and not shying away from her beliefs it gives people ammo.

Some fans could argue that the reason they dislike her so much is that she is supremely confident and her refusal to take a team mentality is quite obvious. It was Lolo Jones’ hurdle moment at the London Olympics and now it has become Lolo Jones’ bobsled team. It’s obvious that people resent the loudness that one person has over the rest of the team and the haters seem to play off this.

Lolo Jones also talks about God often. Yeah, that really annoys the haters. It’s not that people have a problem with God (well, we hope not anyway) but the star is always talking Him up on interviews and on her Facebook page. It angers the haters.

Finally the biggest reason people hate Lolo Jones is she is successful. No, she hasn't captured the gold, but she has shown that she can. She switched sports to prove it too. Haters are furious that Lolo can win as she has the skill to back up her Olympic dreams. She can run faster than most of the couch potatoes griping and she doesn't even have to wear shoes.

Lolo Jones has proven that her haters really have no reason to complain. After all they can simple switch the channel with the remote right next to the couch while she is going for the gold. Then again if they don’t watch, what would the fans have to complain about?

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