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Dissatisfying service for their service

You serve your country putting your life on the line, being that patriot that you were so promoted and motivated to be and then you come home and the shocking treatment of your life, dissatisfying service at the Veteran’s hospital. Yeah, this is exactly what is happening here in America and has been happening for quite some time as noted by the recent scandal that has hit and alerted the nation by storm. The notion that there is a waiting list to be seen or given medical treatment is downright outrageous. Are you serious, is the question so many Americans are asking. You mean to tell us that the greatest nation in the world have its military veterans on a waiting list, while so many have died while waiting to seek treatment. No not these United States of America, this has to be a mistake, a sarcastic tune that is taken by those who know that this has in fact been taking place for a while, with the issue being brushed under the rug, for it to only hit the media, due to a whistle blowing retired doctor.

Really support our troops
Really support our troops
Our troops need us

Having served your country putting your life on the line, it is only right and more than fair for our service men and women to have the option of seeking the best physicians and care of their choice, despite how much the care or treatment cost. Dodging stray bullets, landmines, roadside bombs, and insurgents, to list a few of the trials our troops face, are selfless acts that a few of our citizens choose to embark upon. The least we can do, besides saying ,wearing, or posting signs that reads, “support the troops”, is actually supporting them medically when they return home, suffering from various illnesses, especially the apparent post traumatic stress disorder, the most common of mental illnesses that plague our troops. Action speaks louder than words and our service men and women have taken the action to protect this nation, can we not protect the simple thing as their health, when they return home to us from their service?