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Disposable society, 15-year-old dog surrendered for being 'too old'

Chelo was tossed aside because of his age
Chelo was tossed aside because of his age
Via Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Recently, a 15-year-old Pomeranian was surrendered by his owner to an animal control, and the individual who owned the dog did not even attempt to pretty-up the reason.

Via Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

There was no mention about a "change of lifestyle," or a lack of time...there was not an excuse about moving or an inability to pay for care...instead, there was the truthful response, indicative of the individual's thoughtless mentality, "too old, got newer dog to replace."

The elderly dog had a sad life prior to being surrendered to animal control; by the individual's own admission, the dog, named "Chelo," lived outside 24 hours a day - usually under the porch.

Thanks to rescuers - those people who are always waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces - today Chelo is safe.

The elderly dog is with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, Calif.

Find Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Facebook here.

Unfortunately, Chelo's prior owners have a "newer dog" who will likely live the same miserable life until he or she is tossed aside as well.

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