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Dispensary Review: Top Shelf Alternaives

top shelf alternatives
top shelf alternatives

Recently I stopped by Top Shelf Alternatives at 1327 spruce street suite 300, in boulder. As of January 18th they are open from 11am to 8pm every day. It is kind of a hike up to the third floor but I do believe they have an elevator.

Quality: TSA carries a wide variety of buds and products, they pretty much have something for everyone. Their wide selection included some extremely delicious strains, one of which is the haze-wowie. At first glance the pot is covered in crystals and smells terrific, and after smoking some I could tell it is a top notch strain. The taste was outstanding and the smoke was very smooth, the high was all-encompassing and very potent. I also took a look at some of their other prized selections. One that stood out to me was the Colorado Cabbage. It was electric green and covered in trichomes. The other buds in the store averaged from average all the way up to the very nice haze-wowie

Prices: TSA offers up some of the best prices around. The Haze Wowie was a bargain at fifteen dollars a gram. In fact all of their top shelf buds are 15/g and then their second tier nugs are 12/g and then the lower echelon are 10/g. I smoked a pretty good ten dollar gram called orange blossom and at that price it certainly did the trick.

Quantity: TSA carries an impressive 35 strains with a goal of about 70-80. TSA sells their buds in grams all the way up the line, and they carry large portions in most of their meds. Unfortunately they don't do any price cuts but their bud is so low in cost it doesn't really matter.

Extras: TSA has a wide assortment of extra goodies like edibles, ice cream, salves and tonics. They also carry a large stock of very nice looking hashish. The hash prices out from 15-35/g and ranges from good to excellent.

Overall: I liked the professional atmosphere of TSA and their friendly staff seemed knowledgeable and very helpful. I am very excited about their prices and I would certainly purchase my own meds from them. All of their buds are grown in the state of Colorado and range from good to great. I really like how big they have gone and the range in caliber of the buds. If you want to smoke a huge joint but don't want to spend a lot then their ten dollar grams are perfect. If you are like me and you only smoke a couple times a day then their 15/g top shelf is perfect. One thing to consider is that like most dispensaries you may be in for a wait before they let you back into the bud shop. All in all I was very impressed with TSA and I can't wait to smoke more of their delicious strains.

Rating: TSA gets 7.5 green thumbs


  • Boulderhippie 5 years ago

    this place blows way too expensive and no one knows what the hell is going on.

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