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Dispensary Review: The Greenest Green

THC acetate or honey oil in its cold solid form
THC acetate or honey oil in its cold solid form

The greenest green is located in boulder at 2034 Pearl St. These extremely friendly folks are ready to ease your pains from 10 in the morning to 10 at night everyday of the week including Sundays.

Quality: Greenest green carries about 20 to 30 strains of good to very good quality. They had a Nectarine that was nice and well priced. I saw very delicious looking Pot o' Gold that was also well priced. Overall the quality of the strains was very good but some of the buds were a little aged. Once they a get a coupe new harvests in the bag appeal of the buds should get much better.

Prices: The prices here don't seem to represent the quality of the buds. I saw a very nice Nectarine that was very well priced at $15/g after tax. All of the listed prices are factored after tax which I really like in a dispensary especially because most are cash only. The Pot O' Gold I saw was a fairly priced $17/g after tax but I also saw a Master OG that I thought was of similar quality as the others and I was surprised to see that it carried a $23/g price tag.

Quantity: Grams, eighths, and half ounces are the preferred doses of the greenest green but they seem to have large quantities of many different strains.

Extras: The greenest greens is all about the extras. They carry some extremely impressive cold water bubble hash for $40 a gram. They also have one of my favorite products ever; acetate THC or what is commonly known as Honey Oil. I have not seen this product at any other dispensaries and I was elated when the owner asked me to try some in the store, thats right you are allowed to smoke acetate and vaporize meds in the store. The contraption they use to smoke the acetate is the one of a kind and must be seen to believe. The only way to explain it is a bong that incorporates a knife hit type of system instead of a slide. Honey oil is very dangerous to procure thus very rare. The acetate goes for $25 a quarter gram and packs an unbelievable punch for heavy medicating.
Another cool extra that the greenest green offers up is their free black metal jar with purchase. If you bring the jar back you get 10% off of your purchase every time, helping the planet and your wallet. The GG also carries tinctures, clones, edibles and ice cream.

Overall: I am a big fan of the whole young hip vibe of the place. If you want to see all of the strains before you buy you can sit by the bar and sniff nugs til' your hearts content. The bar is a cool spin on the viewing area, and after you sit at the bar you walk up to the window and place your order. The GG has an open, friendly feel with very modern, suave decor that makes you feel like you are in a nice bar. The extras that the Greenest Green have set them apart, from the acetate to the recyclable jars this dispensary is a very cool experience.

Rating: The Greenest Green gets 8 green thumbs.


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