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Dispensary Review: High Grade Alternatives

Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush
high grade alternatives

High Grade alternatives is very easy to find at 3370 Arapahoe on the south side of Arapahoe in Boulder. They are open M-F 11-7 and Sat 1-5, closed Sunday.

Quality: HG alternatives has a huge inventory full of unique, high quality marijuana. The Bubba Kush, Chernobyl and Hindu Kush were just some of the names printed on the lids of the vast sea of jars that contained connoisseur grade marijuana. They had at least fifteen jars of trichomed goodness all with unique smells and textures; definitely the largest collection of not only good meds but fair prices.

Prices: HG essentially has two top shelves, one priced $16/g and one $15/g. The difference in quality is pretty marginal between the two, the only real differences are that the $15/g strains are the ones that HG grows and the $16/g are vendor grown. They also have a $13/g and $10/g section which where both pretty nice and also a good deal. If you like to purchase high quantities of very good buds then High Grade Alternatives is a good place to go to meet your needs. They have a ton of marijuana and their ounces range from $350-$250 if you bargain a little. Bargaining is a good way to keep prices fair and should be attempted frequently as I see no problem with it.

Quantity: High Grade Alternatives had a whopping 46 different strains in all. A very commendable effort but it remains to be seen whether carrying that much medicine will effect freshness and overall quality. As of right now they have plenty of very good buds that are pretty fresh and can be purchased in grams, eighths and ounces.

Extras: High Grade has plenty of extras from tinctures to all kinds of edibles. Their hash looked really nice and it is well priced at $20-$25/g. HG alternatives is the place to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays because every week those are their special deal days. They offer a selection from their $15 and $16 section for a discounted price of $13/g, $45/3.5g and $325/ounce.

Overall: This is a pretty simple operation with a no frills, no bull approach. They give their patients what they want and that is high quality marijuana. They carry a ton of stuff and all of it well priced and nicely grown and managed. This is definitely one to put on your list if you haven't checked them out all ready.

Rating: HG alternatives gets 8.5 green thumbs.


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