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Dispatch announces making of new album, 2015 release targeted

Dispatch in the middle of new album
Dispatch in the middle of new album
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dispatch is a rock band that first started up in the mid 1990's, and although they've had some pauses in between touring and making new albums, they are still making music.

Fans who are looking forward to a brand-new album from Dispatch now have something new to look forward to. In a newsletter sent to fans, Dispatch detailed some of the highlights of the past few months touring across the world and then made a very exciting announcement.

"We are writing and recording the first of some new tunes in an amazing Denver studio for the next Dispatch album. That's right, so now we're full steam ahead into the fall focusing on writing and recording. And we are SO stoked to start building out the new album!"

"The way it sounds already it's sure to be a good one with lots of reggae, blue grass, dub, harmonies, and straight up rock n roll! Otherwise 2015 is sure to hold some sweet surprises involving some firsts for the band, with a handful of new international destinations."

Dispatch's most recent album was called Circles Around The Sun and it was launched back in 2012. With more than three years most likely separating the band's previous album and their new one, fans are sure to be excited about what Dispatch has in store for next year.

The band spent this past summer touring in various countries abroad and finished things up with the show they did in Lyons, CO for the Rocky Mountain Folk Fest. Well known for their live performances, outdoor venues seem to be an ideal way to experience Dispatch live, and one can only hope the band makes a return to Red Rocks sometime in 2015.

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