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Disneynature's 'Monkey Kindom' releases adorable first trailer

Exactly one year before it heads into theaters, the first teaser trailer for Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom was released earlier today, courtesy of Yahoo Movies. This also happens to be one day before Disneynature’s latest film, Bears, opens at the box office. The nature/eco-friendly line of documentaries that Disney has produced have proven to be a pretty successful series, so you can bet there will be a continuing of this franchise for the foreseeable future.

The poster for the Disneynature film, Earth.
A still from the upcoming film, Monkey Kingdom.

Monkey Kingdom is being helmed by Mark Linfield and Alastair Fothergill, who have worked as producers, directors and writers for other films in the Disneynature series. Their last film together, Chimpanzee (2012), earned nearly $29M at the box office. Not a bad pull for a nature documentary. Disney might have cornered the market here.

According to Disneynature’s synopsis on their site, Monkey Kingdom follows the lives of the Temple Troop, a group of monkeys that live around forested ruins in the South of Asia. The story centers in on a mother with her young son as they attempt to carve out a niche for themselves within their community. The trailer itself shows nothing of this. However, it doesn’t really need to. Relying on cuteness factor is kind of Disney’s thing.

The only abhorrent touch to the trailer is the use of track “Team” by Lorde (of “Royals” fame). Perhaps Disney is trying to target a teenage audience with its inclusion, but it ends of feeling less like a trailer, and more like a music video to promote the song. The track, with its bizarre and jarring use of vocal production, just doesn’t seem to fit here.

Monkey Kingdom will open in theaters on Earth Day, April 17, 2015 for a wide release. For more information on Bears, which opens tomorrow, check out Disneynature’s official page for the film.

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