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Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World, Attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean

"Stow yer weapons.."
"Stow yer weapons.."
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It is entirely acceptable to be a fan of Elvis and The Beatles, but we bet you have a favorite. The same applies to Disney. You may absolutely love Disneyland and Walt Disney World, though it's likely not even. Recently we asked a group of Disney World Addicts to pick a side based upon one of the classic attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom have their own version of this timeless favorite. They are touted by many to be the best ride in their respective parks. The rides are similar. Opinions vary, though sentiment invariably favors Disneyland.

Most respondents are familiar with both parks, which is helpful in gathering reliable results. Others just know what they like, and for the most part they like the original. Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland, opened in 1967, and was the final attraction Walt Disney designed and worked on personally. For that alone, if it were a bathtub in the parking lot, many would still vote for it. The Florida version opened in 1973, and while Walt's fingerprints are all over it, its dirt didn't get under Walt's nails, so it's just not the same.

Walt Disney World loyalists emphasize the quality of their ride's queue. Almost entirely inside, to protect guests from sun, rain and hurricane, the Magic Kingdom line winds through much more elaborate and adorned scenery. Once inside the attraction at Disneyland, the line moves so rapidly, there's little time and thus little at which to gaze.

Everything else about the Disneyland Pirates is better. Disneyland has several modest, but exciting drops that the other park lacks. The scenes are presented in greater detail and transition better. Despite Captain Jack Sparrow's intrusion into both attractions, the Disneyland version tends to soften the otherwise disruptive merchandising presence.

Every version of the Pirates of the Caribbean, except perhaps for the 4th movie, is outstanding. You are allowed, and encouraged, to have a favorite. If yours is at Disneyland, you are in well-supported company.

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