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Disneyland Tours-A Brief Explanation

Take a Walk and see new things
Take a Walk and see new things

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are two places that have so many aspects to love. There are many things to experience and always some new treasure that can be discovered. One good way to come across something new is to take a Disney Tour and experience some features that other Disney visitors may not be able to access. There are a large variety of tours that can fit any interest such as the Cultivating the Magic Tour to the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour, which is a must for Disney history buffs who want to learn about how Mr. Disney and Imagineers developed the Disneyland Park. In addition to the normal excursions offered by the Parks, seasonal tours are offered and can add to the new experience and adventure!


  • Welcome to Disneyland Tour: This seems to be perfect for the first-time guests. Coming to the theme park is a wonderful, but overwhelming experience. Tour guides can give tips such as how to make a dining reservation and use the Fastpass system. There are also interesting fun facts and trivia about the theme park. For those who choose to book this tour, additional perks include two free Fastpasses to an attraction.
  • Discover the Magic Tour: This fun-filled excursion is an adventure for families. This is a scavenger hunt with the quest being a hidden treasure. Guests are given small hints and must follow throughout Disneyland.
  • Cultivating the Magic Tour: Walk throughout Disneyland and learn the fascinating story of how the plants and flowers adds to a magical experience to every guest. Each Land has their own plant scheme that is different from another and gives a distinctive feel to each area. For example, the plants of Adventureland, especially that of the Jungle Cruise is markedly different from the flowers of Fantasyland and the charming Small World. Guests are given their own seed packet! This tour seems to be perfect for those with green thumbs and perhaps can give some ideas for local gardeners to add a magical touch to their own gardens.
  • Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour: This tour is perfect for a Disneyland fan and takes participants into the past as the tour guide tells the story of how Walt Disney developed the park in the 1950s and the challenges of undertaking such a large project. Tour guests are allowed a rare look at Walt Disney's private apartment in Town Square and experience two of the classic attractions that premiered in 1955.
  • VIP Tour Services: This allows for a Disney guest to personalize their own tour experience and insight. The VIP Tour allows for a flexible start time, service and guests can choose to tour Disneyland and Disney California Adventure or both! This also allows for reserving viewing and seating for parades and shows.
  • The Bakery Tour: Although this is not an official, stopping by Disney California for this San Francisco treat should not be missed. The Bakery Tour at the Pacific Wharf Cafe takes guests into a bakery which explains how expert bakers create the delicious bread that has made San Francisco's Boudin Bakery famous. Be sure to get a free sample of bread!

Disneyland does a lot for the Autumn and Winter season with Disney's Happiest Haunts Tour and Holiday Time at Disneyland Tour. These daily tours are extremely popular and it is a good idea to make reservations early.

  • Disney's Happiest Haunts Tour : This tour starts at sunset and tour members will take a spooky tour through Disneyland full of chills and thrills alongside a "Ghost Host". Members will experience attractions that cannot be missed such as the Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Disneyland website describes combining the Disney's Happiest Haunts Tour with Mickey's Halloween Party as the "Ultimate Disney Halloween Experience"
  • Holiday Time at Disneyland Tour: Imagine walking through the Winter Wonderland of Disneyland as a tour guide will regale guests with traditional holiday stories. Guests can watch one of the Disneyland seasonal parades and perhaps partake in a seasonal treat.

Tour Tips

  • The Disney tours are more than just a walk-through experience. Some tours such as the Discover the Magic Tour, Cultivating the Magic Tour and the seasonal tours offer a unique collectable pin.
  • Check the Disneyland website for additional costs. There is a 20% Annual Passholder Discount on tours.
  • Meet at the Disneyland Tour Gardens near the City Hall and be sure to check in early. Call (714) 781-TOUR to make reservations. It is possible to book a tour 30 days in advance. A confirmation number is given, save it! Same day bookings are available on a walk-up basis and it based on availability. A good idea for seasonal or popular tours is to book ahead.
  • This is very information is necessary...wear comfortable shoes on this tour! Usually the tours at Disneyland can last 2 1/2 hours.

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