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Disneyland Resort warm weather refreshment

grab a cold one..
grab a cold one..

Southern California is actually, not just literally on fire. Temperatures are soaring into triple-digits, but beyond that, fires are raging all over San Diego, and spreading. If you can get safely out of town, you may want to do that. If you can make it to Disneyland, there are a handful of cocktails that will help take you mind off the heat, if not the actual flames on your roof.

Either (see both) Downtown Disney or Disney's California Adventure offer an ideal escape from heat and sobriety. Several locations in both resort areas welcome the singed and dehydrated. Whether you want theme or simply excellent sustenance and service, you have your pick of each:

Vodka lovers, you know who you are, head for Cars Land. At the completely charming Cozy Cone snack stands, you will find Fillmore's Fuelin' Groovy Ades. The Pomegranate Lime version has SKYY Vodka in it, with proper I.D. It's extraordinary. It is so absolutely wonderful, and such a resultant bargain, you will feel better about every other purchase you made all day.

Trader Sam's, at the Disneyland Hotel is, in inclement weather, prime real estate. The bar is air conditioned and positively insulated from the elements. The periodic, simulated natural disasters may hit a little close to home, given the likelihood your own home is on fire, but it's nothing a few massive frozen cocktails can't cure.

Back in DCA, several outstanding beer options await those less of the cocktail inclination. Bayside Brews and a Karl Strauss Beer Wagon offer a fine, though not vast, selection of craft beer from popular California brewers. The IPA offerings are stellar, and include Bear Republic's Racer 5. One glaring omission is Oakhurt, California's own South Gate Brewing Company. Its addition to Disney's, and every beer list, will benefit it, and the universe as a whole. Join our shameless quest to spread the word and the distribution of South Gate beer. Thank us once you've tasted it.