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Disneyland Price Hike - Not For Everyone Anymore

at the 50th celebration
at the 50th celebration
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Like nearly everyone who grew up in Southern California I visited the original Magic Kingdom in Anaheim a few dozen times a s a child and in my teen years and beyond. When I married in the early 1990's it was almost a given that I would take my own children to experience the magical land that Walk built for the enjoyment of children and their parents.

As an adult and father not having the affordability or means to attend college and obtain a degree, I had to make due with "learning trades on the job". Absolutely nothing wrong with that and truthfully this avenue of a career choice wasn't all that terrible. However it did cause me to be more in touch with my finances and budget. And Disneyland visits became less and less of an option.

I am older now and my kids are all grown and moved on except for one. The last time we all visited Disneyland was over 7 years ago. Not been back since. This would be mainly due to the cost of visiting this amusement park. Now we hear that Disney will once again raise it's admission prices. REALLY? I am definitely sure there are plenty of families in the same predicament as I had been who have children that may never be able to enjoy a park that Walt himself claimed was built for everyone. "Disneyland is your land" he said. Well...probably not anymore.