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Disneyland, Disney World fans ‘Rock Your Disney Side’ with 24-hour party

Disneyland, Disney World have a 24-hour party
Disneyland, Disney World have a 24-hour party
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Disneyland and Disney World fans are heading to the parks for a special 24-hour party. The “Rock Your Disney Side” party runs from 6 a.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday at both parks in Orange County and in Orlando as the Disney Resorts celebrate the beginning of summer. According to CBS on Friday, the fans arrived early in the morning hours to be some of the first people in the parks to play and party all day. Encouraged to dress in costume, the guests are ready to play and party all day.

As with any of the big events held at the Disney theme parks, there are thousands of people expected to participate in the special celebration. With 700 people camped out overnight Friday to be first into Disneyland’s 24-hour costume party, there is no doubt they got a chance to celebrate first, but more folks are coming. The evening hours are expected to bring in the majority of guests.

Orange County is expecting heavy traffic on Friday and Saturday as the parking structures are expected to be at full capacity by the middle of the day. According to the Orange County Register on Thursday, there is a baseball game less than two miles away as the Angels host the Kansas City Royals as well. Add a concert that is expected in the evening hours at the Honda Center and fans in the Orange County area are going to face serious traffic.

This is the third year straight that Disney has hosted an overnight party at the Disneyland. Fans of the parks come to camp out complete with sleeping bags, snacks and flashlights. Hanging out with other fans of the Disney Resort, it’s a chance to share in the excitement of the theme parks and make memories at the happiest place on earth.

The 24-hour party in Anaheim and Orlando have become an annual tradition and a perfect way to kick off the summer!