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Disneyland close earthquake: L.A. earthquake causes Disneyland to close rides

Disneyland closed rides after 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Friday.
Disneyland closed rides after 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Friday.
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Disneyland had to close down some rides after an earthquake hit the Los Angeles area Friday evening. According to a March 29 ABC News report, the U.S. Geological Survey said the 5.1-magnitude quake struck at 9:09 p.m. It was mostly in Brea in Orange County, 20 miles southeast of downtown L.A. San Diego and Ventura County were able to feel the effects of the quake.

As of now, no reports of injuries have been recorded. The Los Angeles Fire Department is looking for any possible injuries or damage.

Besides Disneyland having to close due to the earthquake, there was "broken glass, gas leaks, a water main break and a rockslide were reported near the epicenter, according to Twitter updates from local authorities."

About five aftershocks have resulted from the quake ranging from 2.7 to 3.6 in magnitude. The report added that Friday afternoon there was a 3.6-magnitude quake in La Habra.

This is the strongest quake Southern California has had since 1994 when a 6.7-magnitude one in Northridge that killed dozens of people and resulted in $25 in damage.

If Disneyland decides to close rides over an earthquake, that's a sign the magnitude was strong enough to raise serious concern.

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