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Disney World raises prices: Admission hike to $99 per day, unhappy fans open up

As Disney World raises prices once again this week to $99 per day, a number of unhappy Disney fans are speaking out against the rising admission hike. For the second time in under a year, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom attraction is becoming more expensive, charging its single-day entrance cost to the popular Orlando theme park at a higher $99 for all adults and children at the ages of 10 or more. USA Today reveals this Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, that a number of people are understandably against the price increase, citing that Disney is becoming less and less affordable for families in need of a fun vacation.

Disney World is going to raise its prices again
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Just last June in 2013, news hit the U.S. that Disney World was raising its prices rather significantly at a full $6 per ticket, with daily admission now costing $95. In a short time, the flat rate has now become the standard for entrance to the successful Orlando theme parks. Back then, Disney also confirmed that its other parks — including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot — would also undergo an admission hike up to $94 for a single day.

Wrote one unhappy fan on the ever escalating Disney World prices that now threaten to breach $100 in the near future in a comment:

“As a California native that has been a visitor to Disneyland since its opening, I am appalled by the ever increasing prices. As a previous employee of the park in the late 60's, I can say I think Mr. Disney may well be rolling over in his grave with what Corporate America has done to his vision of an affordable family entertainment venue. Won't be going back anytime soon at these prices; only foreign visitors and the financially elite can afford it now.”

More comments and replies can be found at the Disneyland article here.

After a single Florida theme park decides to up its admission fee, others usually follow suit. A local industry observer, Robert Niles, revealed in a recent statement that while he isn’t shocked at the Disney World raises prices news to $99 per ticket per day, he has admitted that the frequency and extremity of the rather expensive increase is a bit strange.

"It almost seems as if Disney is daring Universal to go over the $100 barrier," he noted. "We thought there'd be (an increase) this year, but more likely after Universal's price hike."

While a modest change up to $99 may not seem like much, when one considers how many family members attend the park and sheer volume of guests that arrive, this “small” increase may in fact turn out to be a massive one for both parties. This year, Universal Studios will also be opening its new Harry Potter attraction, known as Diagon Alley, to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter venue — this is expected to increase overall demand to the Florida area.

"That should increase demand for multi-park tickets, and whenever there's an increase in demand, there's an increase in price," Niles added.

What’s your take on Disney World raising prices this Feb. 2014 to $99 per ticket? Are you one of the unhappy fans of Disney wanting to speak out, or do you feel these cost increases are necessary to the company’s business?

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