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Disney to Boy Scouts: Allow gay male leaders or forfeit volunteer funds

In yet another effort to influence the Boy Scouts of America to embrace the homosexual lifestyle, Disney has thrown down a new gauntlet, according to a Fox59 news report on March 3, 2014. And this time they are giving the Scouts almost a year to back away from their refusal to allow gay male adults to serve as leaders in the young children-benefiting organization. And they are threatening to withhold money in order to get them to do it.

Sexuality has never been a topic of concern in the historical past of the organization incorporated in 1910. But with a growing push by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) advocates towards same-sex equality in the public sector--in personal and professional areas, the Scouts have been forced to take a stand on the issue even before now.

Yahoo News reported that the Boy Scouts lifted a ban on gay youth participation in 2013 after coming under fire, but they remain steadfast in their refusal to allow homosexuals to supervise the youth who participate in their troop formations.

For many parents, knowing that the Scouts refuse to allow homosexual males to lead their heterosexual sons on weekend camping trips and outings is a comforting reason for them to allow their children to continue to participate in the popular club. While others, like the adult group Scouts for Equality, find the refusal of BSA to allow gay adult males to supervise youthful Scouts totally unacceptable.

Money is the current tool being used to try and influence the Boy Scouts of America organization to cede its commitment to remain a heterosexual-led group. And Disney, one of the most popular theme parks and child-friendly organizations in the world, is trying to wield its financial influence to get the BSA to change their child-friendly position by threatening to withhold funds in the future to the boy's club if they don't start allowing gay men to become leaders.

While the BSA does not receive direct funding from Disney in support of its scouting organization, it has received financial donations from the Walt Disney company in the past thanks to the volunteer efforts of the employees of the family friendly park company. Those Disney employees had participated in a volunteer-for-dollars program known as VoluntEARS, which agreed to send money to any charitable organization the Disney employee favored for volunteer hours they donated on their own time.

In 2015 that employee, employer volunteer pact will no longer include the option of sending volunteer raised funding dollars to the Boy Scouts of America, according to the Walt Disney company. And that should make parents all over the country ask this question: Is Disney more concerned about the safety and well being of children more than that of gay adult men, or is it the other way around? And why? BSA, on the other hand, is committed to youth protection, they say.

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