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Disney Tests Fans' Knowledge With The Ultimate Frozen Quiz

Elsa from Disney's Frozen
Elsa from Disney's Frozen

If you're still singing "Let It Go" randomly as you go through your day or you really wanna build a snowman in the middle of summer, you're probably really annoying someone. You're also awesome and are clearly a huge fan of Disney's mega-hit, Frozen.

This instant classic stars the voice talents of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad; it has won two Academy Awards, a slew of other awards and honors AND it quickly became the top grossing animated film OF ALL TIME!

It feels like the Disney classics we all know and love; not a modernized rendition to appease the masses. It has heart, soul, hilarious side-kicks, musical numbers that beg you to sing a long and not one, but TWO princesses. I mean, how can you go wrong? said about the film, "It’s also become a full blown cultural phenomena, as popular with critics as it is fans, and took home the Academy Awards for Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song. The Frozen soundtrack reached #1 on iTunes, “Let It Go” is possibly the most covered song on Youtube ever, and Disney stores everywhere keep selling out of Frozen merchandise. There’s now even a Broadway adaptation in the works."

The only other recent-ish Disney film to make me this happy was Tangled; which I absolutely love and another one that vibed greatly of Disney classics from the era of Walt Disney himself.

It's time now friends, to put your knowledge to the test. Disney has put together the ultimate Frozen quiz to see just how much you really know about the animated hit.


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