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Disney Specialty Beverages continue to impress, save lives

A glass of passion..
A glass of passion..

There have been a number of changes across the World of Disney recently. Aside from interminable admission-price increases, the renovations are categorically wonderful. Walt Disney World opened the exciting new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Big Thunder Mountain is again open at Disneyland. Seizing wisely upon the success of the latest blockbuster a number of Frozen elements are surfacing. And a couple new specialty drinks have appeared within the resort menu. True to the Disney we have come to respect and appreciate, they are incredible.

Two standouts are the Absolut Vodka Specialty Beverages available specifically at the Cove Bar inside Disney's California Adventure. Cleverly named, as they are conceived, the "Sideshow Novel-Tea" contains Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, lime and strawberry puree. It is something you will want to consume by the pitcher. Use caution: drinks inside the Disney parks do not contain aggressive amounts of alcohol, but this one tastes like it has none. It's delicious, refreshing, and, perhaps fortunately, costs just enough to discourage overindulgence.

The other jewel, the"Midway Martini", is an outstanding combination of Absolut Orient Apple Vodka, ginger liqueur, agave and cranberry juice. You don't realize how much you like those things until you've tried them all together in a glass at Disneyland.

It's really hot in every park these days. Sit at your bar of choice and sample one of the terrific seasonal offerings. Or, grab a favorite and tour the grounds with a handful of neon-bright-plastic-cup adult aid. Don't sweat the prices. The guy with the giant turkey leg paid more for much less.