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Disney's interactive summer adventures to wrap up soon

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The limited run of Disney's foray into interactive games based in Disneyland's Frontierland and Adventureland will come to a close on Aug. 29, per the Disney Parks blog, with a special wrap-up event at the underused Aladdin's Oasis. Throughout the last month and more the Legends of Frontierland and Adventureland Trading Company games have proven quite popular with resort visitors, drawing the interest of annual passholders in particular who've appreciated the opportunity to engage in new multi-day experiences and take home game-specific prizes.

The first experience to debut, Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush, was frequently updated during it run. Thematic signs were added to advertise the game and help communicate the premise to potential players. A snake oil-styled refreshment cart was introduced to offer participants exotic soft drinks that granted guests mystical in-game powers including luck, knowledge or charm. By completing tasks guests aim to gain game currency, earn levels and buy up swathes of Frontierland whilst competing against other players.

Following the release of Gold Rush Disney unveiled a second interactive game, a pay-to-play experience based in and around Adventureland. The surprisingly reasonable fee bought guests one of nine individual quests that, when completed, resulted in a collectible take-home prize called a Juju. A sort of scavenger hunt composed of clever thematic elements, fans praised the excellent integration with existing area locations and lore. Popular too were the specialty drinks and treats created for the occasion, with numerous guests lauding the likes of Venom-ade at the Bengal BBQ or This Side Up Pineapple Parfaits from Tropical Imports.

There has been no word yet as to whether Disneyland plans to reintroduce these or other new interactive experiences, but their apparent success has fans expecting a return at some point down the line.