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Disney's 'Frozen' movie in 3D vs no 3D

Is Disney's 'Frozen' better in 3D?

Disney's "Frozen" still continues to bring in money at the box office after being released in theaters Nov. 27, 2013; over two months ago. With a Golden Globe for Best Song ("Let it Go") and two Academy Award nominations, the film continues to remain in theaters, allowing Disney fans and movie fans alike to see Disney's latest hit. But which is the best way to see the film, in 3D or without 3D?

The decision to see a movie in 3D or in its regular format often comes down to comfort and price. For young children, people with glasses, and those prone to motion sickness, wearing 3D glasses during a two hour movie can be uncomfortable and ruin the overall experience. Similarly, 3D movies can cost upwards of $3 or $4 extra per ticket and sway families to opt for the less expensive version of the same film.

However, if neither of these factor into your decision making process, here are some things you know how about "Frozen" in its 3D format.

If you're one for stunning visual effects, the 3D version of Disney's "Frozen" is for you. Not only do you get the rich depth perception that only 3D can truly bring to life, but the attention to detail and awareness of the space the characters are in allows for a more immersive experience.. The scene where Anna and Kristoff are wandering through the trees covered in frozen water droplets right before they meet Olaf puts you right there with the characters and really enhances the beauty of the scenery.

Perhaps the best example of the 3D effects in this film is the way snow is portrayed. During the opening sequence of the film, snow flurries seemingly all around you as you are drawn deeper and deeper into the scene.You almost expect to look up and see snow coming from the ceiling of the movie theater. When Elsa is testing her powers for the first time on her own, the snow and emerging ice castle are shown in exquisite detail and give the audience a true appreciation for Disney animation.

To compare the regular version of Disney's "Frozen" with its 3D version, the scenery is still beautiful, but you don't quite get the same wow-factor as you do with the 3D.The story remains the same, the songs are still catchy, but you don't get a true sense of the space the characters are in.

So long as 3D is used as a way to bring the audience into the film and not make excuses for gag after gag after gag, then it is being used correctly as it is here.

Disney's "Frozen" in 3D can still be found at some local theaters, but there's no telling how long it will remain there once award season is finished. The Blu-Ray combo pack is already available for pre-sale and earlier this month Bob Iger, chairman and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company, said there are plans in the works to make "Frozen" a Broadway production. Perhaps they can make it snow in the theater? We'll have to wait and see.

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