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Disney’s ‘Frozen’: Have you had enough yet?

Lately, Disney’s Oscar-winning media blockbuster “Frozen” seems to be everywhere. The animated musical-fantasy-comedy-drama is a multi-million selling children’s film and soundtrack album. But the folks at Uncle Walt’s place are not done conquering the world. Next November, “Disney on Ice Presents Frozen!” will pay an extended call to the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale. Mickey Mouse is set to host the skatefest…as if everyone has not had enough of “Frozen” in all of its forms.

Celebrating the success of Disney.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the ubiquity of “Frozen” is the lingering cacophony of the enormously popular song, “Let It Go.” Wine glasses shake and windows rattle when singer Idina Menzel literally lets it go. Having Ethyl Merman sing the National Anthem with an amplified megaphone would be more desirable than hearing Menzel scream “Let It Go” one more time. Nevertheless, seeing how Merman has been dead for many years, it looks as though Menzel is the choice by default.

Advertisements for Disney on Ice’s Coliseum show emphasize, “Sing and dance along to inspiring songs, including ‘Let It Go.’” Are they kidding? Parents are going to have to listen to that dissonance again? No matter if they play Menzel’s version or somebody else’s, the result will be irritating. Surely some of the adult attendees will be craving nails on a blackboard before the final curtain comes down. Maybe it would be better if they substituted a Christmas Carol for “Let it Go.” After all, by that time, it will already be autumn.

“Let It Go” is no earworm. At least with an earworm, the tune is usually beguiling or in some way memorable. With Menzel’s “Let It Go,” the feeling is just the opposite. Instead of being compelling, some people run from the Disney creation, kind of like Frankenstein’s monster. Taking a positive perspective, fans can always leave before “Let It Go” begins. “Disney on Ice Presents Frozen!” will be at the Nassau Coliseum Nov. 4-9, 2014.

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