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Disney's "Frozen" Faces a Lawsuit After Breaking Box Office Records

Highest grossing animated Film of all time.

Disney’s Frozen has knocked Toy Story 3 out of its No. 1 spot over the last weekend and taken over the title of “highest grossing animated film of all time”. Toy Story 3 has donned the title since 2010, after grossing $1.063 billion worldwide. Frozen has hit $398 million domestically and $674 million internationally, bringing it to $1.072 billion worldwide since its U.S. release in November 2013.

That’s not to say everything has gone swimmingly since the film’s debut. Kelly White, an animator, is accusing Disney of plagiarizing her work in one of their trailers for the film. White has filed a lawsuit, stating not only did her short film have multiple film festival showings long before the release of the Frozen trailer, but she also submitted the film to Disney directly on four occasions as a demo when applying for work.

In her short film, titled “The Snowman”, a moose witnesses a snowman lose his carrot nose and decides he’s going to eat it before the snowman can put it back on. The two end up falling all over themselves to be the first to claim the carrot in a slippery duel across a frozen lake.

The Frozen trailer in question… well swap out the moose for a small gang of hungry rabbits and it’s basically the same tale.

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