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Disney's 'Big Hero 6' finally releases some new information

The next Disney animated film
The next Disney animated film
Walt Disney Animation Studios

After the success of Disney's mega-hit "Frozen" in 2013, many moviegoers were looking forward to the animation studio's next film which just happens to be an adaptation of Marvel's superhero group "Big Hero 6." With Disney's recent 3D animation revival which brought films such as "Tangled," "Wreck It Ralph," and the Academy Award winning "Frozen" to audiences, the studio no longer needs to solely rely on Pixar for productions. As a result, Disney has been given the opportunity to dive deeper into their library of intellectual properties. "Big Hero 6" is one of those more obscure Marvel teams that has benefited from this.

Up to now, the project has been pretty quiet with not much hype or press promoting the 3D animated film. That was until yesterday, May 16, 2014 when an official theatrical poster for the film was released alongside an announcement proclaiming the first trailer for the film will debut Thursday, May 22. There was also a secondary image teasing the count down of the days until the trailer debuts with "6 Days."

Thanks for making that clear Disney. Probably could have thrown a couple more number sixes in there somewhere.

While any press for this film is much needed, one has to be disappointed that animation giant couldn't have given fans a bit more than just a three-worded poster. We'll get a clearer look next week when the trailer comes out of how much of the comic actually is adapted into the film.

"Big Hero 6" opens November 7, 2014. Be sure to subscribe for updates as new information regarding this superhero team movie is released!