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Disney's Bears growls up good will

Courtesy: Getty Pictures
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

While a lot of attention has been focused on an NBA owner who acts like an animal, one big company has been working to protect animals. Maybe Disney should buy the Clippers.

Recently, Disney announced that it has donated a portion of ticket sales during the opening week of their film "Bears" to the National Park Foundation. The organization will be supported via Disney's charitable organization, Disneynature and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. Yes, that is a mouthfull, but they do a lot of good work. By teaming up with the NPF, they will help parks that cover over 2.9 million acres, study and protect at least 75 species of animals and plants, provide scholarships to students, and teach thousands of teachers, families and other groups on the importance of wildlife protection and habitat restoration.

Disney's been embarking on a multi-layered system of virtual interactivity in supporting the charitable effort. From specially designed gold pendants and promotional items to Itunes downloads of Olivia Holt's anthem "Carry On," they've left no stone unturned in raising funds for this worthy cause.

"Bears" follows a bear family as two young bear cubs are taught survival during a year in the Alaskan wilderness. From facing brutal winters, hibernation and the life or death search for food, audiences will watch nature unfold as the cubs fight for survival in one of natures last great wildernesses.

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