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Disney Rides: Closed for Refurbishment

Winter season is also known as refurbishment time at Disney Resort. The smaller crowds give Disney cast members time to fix and clean the attractions we love so much.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is closed

This week’s refurbishment calendar includes: at Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Nemo’s Submarine, It’s a Small World, Splash Mountain; and at Disney’s California Adventure, Blus Sky Cellar and Redwood Creek are closed.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been closed since last year. The high speed roller coaster that moves through an old west mining operation was due for a complete overhaul. Fans of the ride wait the unveiling of the essentially new ride.
It’s a Small World, Nemo’s Submarine and Splash Mountain, both favorite water rides are due for the yearly draining and reconditioning of all those wet parts.

Parents rely on the incredible safety record Disney has with the rides. The regular maintenance and refurbishment may be inconvenient for some guests but the reassurance that rides are safe is important for everyone.

Disney’s California Adventure has two closings with the Redwood Creek Trail and the Blue Sky Cellar getting ready for spring’s enthusiastic crowds.
Good News: Haunted Mansion is open with its regular 999 ghosts and the traditional albeit creepy setting.

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