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Disney puts the ban on "Wedding Banned"

Robin Williams is still funny
Robin Williams is still funny

According to Disney has decided to drop comedian Robin Williams' next film which was titled "Wedding Banned".  The movie was to also star Diane Keaton and Anna Faris with a 2011 release date.  The plot of the movie revolved around a divorced couple (Williams, Keaton) who decide to kidnap their daughter (Faris) on her wedding day so she will not make the same mistakes they have made, while rediscovering their own lost love in the process.

Apparently Disney is not ready to take another chance on Williams as his last movie with the company, Old Dogs, flopped at the box office.  It only made $35 million dollars in three weeks of release. It also doesn't help that Williams has had a bad track record with wedding movies, does anyone remember License to Wed? Yeah...hopefully you've forgotten it by now. Williams is currently working on Happy Feet 2.

"Wedding Banned" is now in turnaround meaning another studio still could possibly make the movie, but that has yet to be seen.