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Disney Personality Quizzes Part 2

Last month I listed some of the many Disney personality quizzes one can take online. If you enjoyed last month's article, here are some more.
1. "Which Disney Character Are You Most Like?"
2. "Which Classic Disney Cartoon Character Are You?"
3. "Which Disney Movie Are You?"
4. "Which Iconic Disney Outfit Fits Your Personality?"
5. "Which Disney Heroine Are You?"
6. "Which Disney Channel Girl Star Are You?"
7. "Which Disney Frozen Character Are You?"

8. “On Which Disney Attractions Should I Be A Castmember?”

9. “Which Disney Movie Do You Belong In?”

10. “Which Disney Villian Are You?”

11. “Which Disney Song Best Describes You?”

12. “What Disney Pixar Cars Character Are You?”

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