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Disney on Ice to feature Sonoma County skater

The latest show by Disney on Ice, Rockin’ Ever After, is coming to the Oracle Arena in Oakland Feb. 26 through March 2 and will feature Antonia Mitchell of Windsor, California as an ensemble skater.

Rockin' Ever After finale.
Rockin' Ever After finale.
Feld Entertainment
Merida from Disney•Pixar's Brave with Queen Elinor and the triplets
Feld Entertainment

Antonia began skating when she was six years old after taking a field trip to Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa. She fell in love with the sport and trained with coach Choeleen Laundagin. After attending college at Dominican University in San Rafael, she joined the cast of Disney on Ice. She will be skating on her home turf this week and took some time to answer questions from the Examiner:

Examiner: How long is a tour?
Antonia: Each tour is different, but our show in particular runs for 9 months.

Examiner: How often do you come home to Sonoma County?
Antonia: Since being in Northern California for several weeks, I have had the opportunity to go home several times and it has been fabulous!

Examiner: When you come home, do you visit Snoopy's Home Ice arena?
Antonia: On one visit home I did stop by my home rink, Snoopy's Home Ice, to say hi to a few friends.

Examiner: Does it feel different to be skating in the bay area after being on the road?
Antonia: It feels great to be performing so close to home because of all the opportunities I have to see my family and friends.

Examiner: What is your favorite part of being an ensemble skater?
Antonia: What I love best about being an ensemble skater is that I get to participate in so much of the show! There are so many fun group numbers on our show and I get to be a part of almost every single one of them. I love the variety and excitement being used in so many different segments of the show.

From under the sea to Scotland, guests at Rockin' Ever After will enjoy a global presentation featuring Meridia from Brave, a very special scene from The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast. With new sets, lighting and theatrical designs, this is sure to be one of the best shows yet! Tickets are available for the show through ticketmaster, and parking at the arena is $35.

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