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Disney makeup: Snow White or Evil Queen?

Maleficent's red lips and high cheekbones show the beauty of being bad.
Maleficent's red lips and high cheekbones show the beauty of being bad.
Photo: Phil South via Flickr

Disney princesses have always captivated with their wide eyes and blushing beauty, but lately it's the vibrantly-colored villainesses who are getting all the attention.

Take Disney's upcoming "Maleficent" (in theaters May 30th). It revisits the story of "Sleeping Beauty" from a radically different perspective, focusing on the alluringly horned "Mistress of All Evil" who curses Princess Aurora. Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent, and her sultry image on the ubiquitous movie posters emphasizes the beauty of being bad.

To coincide with the film's May 2014 release, MAC Cosmetics is creating a limited-edition Maleficent line inspired by Jolie's makeup in the film. (Hopefully they'll include a how-to on mastering her ruby-red lips and sculpted cheekbones!)

But MAC isn't the only one capitalizing on Maleficent's evil glamor. Walgreens has an exclusive Disney Villains e.l.f. line featuring Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, The Evil Queen, and Ursula. The look books feature instructions on how to achieve each lady's wickedly smoky eye. There are both "Day" and "Night" looks, so you can gracefully transition your villainy from afternoon to evening.

Of the e.l.f. collection, Cruella's colors seem particularly appealing. And who wouldn't want eyes like hers, referenced so lovingly in Roger Radcliffe's song from "101 Dalmatians"? ("You come to realize/ You've seen her kind of eyes/ Watching you from underneath/ A rock!")

Disney itself has a line of cosmetics called Beautifully Disney, sold only online and at Disney parks. These focus more on "nicer" characters like Tinker Bell and Tiana, but the allure of evil doesn't go unnoticed even here: Ursula, The Evil Queen, and Lady Tremaine (of "Cinderella" fame) all have their own lip gloss colors.

The most interesting product is probably the Snow White and Evil Queen Blush. Both the innocent princess and her antagonist share the same color of Satin Peach, implying that you can switch from good to bad by just introducing a bit of wickedness into your brush stroke.

With all of these options, the big makeup question you'll have to ask yourself this spring and summer is pretty princess or glamorous villainess: which one are you?

Or maybe we all want to be a bit of both.

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