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Disney Magical World: Initial Thoughts

Is “Disney Magical World” the new “Animal Crossing”? After our initial playthrough, we’re not quite sure.

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Disney Magical World: Initial Thoughts

For over a decade, “Animal Crossing” and “Sims” are two series that set the standard for social fetch-quest filled adventure titles with fun and lots of engaging characters.

Disney Magical World” looks to add themselves to the fray with their own unique spin on the genre that makes the most of the Nintendo 3DS’ graphical and technological abilities. With their one of a kind characters and Mii integration, “Disney Magical World” is surprisingly sound, but may lack the fun factor and themes to attract older gamers.

In all fairness, “Disney Magical World” looks great on the 3DS. Walking around Castleton and interacting with all of your favorite characters inspires a warm and endearing set of emotions. But running around performing tasks and customizing your character has been done before in plenty of series. After an hour or so of gameplay, it’s easy to see that “Disney Magical World” doesn’t add anything particularly memorable to the genre.

Through the prologue, “Disney Magical World” is essentially simple fetch quests. Grab this, talk to them, go here. While small children will eat this up and will be entranced with how adorable the character models are, as well as seeing their Mii in this Disney-inspired world, older gamers will prefer to play “Animal Crossing.”

“Disney Magical World” is scheduled for an April 11 release on the Nintendo 3DS.

Does this Disney mash-up strike your fancy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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