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Disney layoffs: Insider leaks first round of job cuts, Disney Interactive silent

Disney layoffs are on the horizon, according to one source who claims to know the in’s and out’s of the Disney Interactive company. An insider has leaked that the first round of job cuts may come as soon as this week, with layoffs pending due to Disney losing a substantial amount of money in recent years. The company has stayed silent on this front, but has allegedly been losing over $200 million per year between 2008 and 2012, and made a number of smaller firings in that time frame as well. Web Pro News reveals this Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, that while layoffs are said to be imminent, Disney Interactive still has the potential to succeed in the near future and maintain a majority of its work force.

Disney Interactive logo featuring Mickey Mouse
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

These Disney layoffs rumored to be hitting an unknown amount of workers this month aren’t the first string of job cuts Disney has been forced to execute in recent years. In 2013 alone, Disney Interactive cut over 50 employees from their jobs when closing Texas’ Junction Point Studio, while the company also had to close the better-known Propaganda Games recently as well, leaving over 200 laid off from work in the process.

However, continues the report, not all is dark and hopeless for Disney Interactive, its Mickey Mouse icon, or the leaked layoffs. For example, one of its newer video games titled Disney Infinity and released to the public just last year, has received mostly positive review from critics and public gamers alike. It has sold over 3 million copies as of Jan. 2014, and has ultimately been quite successful for the struggling company. The popular game sells for a pricey $75 for just the starter pack and three beginning characters. Additional characters can then be purchased later on in the game between prices of $12 and $15, which has helped Disney maximize its profits from the product.

“Although rumors of the layoffs come from a reportedly trustworthy source, Disney Interactive has refused to comment on them, staying silent, and only calling the alleged report speculative. According to a company official at the California Employment Development Department earlier this week, adds the insider, the state has not yet been made aware of the possible layoffs. In California, companies that plan to layoff large numbers of employees are in fact obligated to notify the state within a full 60 days of the job cuts.”

It remains to be seen whether there is any truth to be found in these potential Disney layoffs, or whether this insider's leaks have any merit. However, with the source claiming that the first round of cuts may come this week, we won't have to wait very long, it appears.

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